Girls' Self Esteem

… And Using Personal Stress Management Techniques Girls are prone to low self esteem during their teenage years and this often causes them a lot of stress. It can be hard for a young girl to tackle her self esteem issues as it involves such a deep inner sense of poor self worth. However it […]

The Foreign Exchange Brings Soul to Akron

There's no questioning how rich in soul music history we are in the state of Ohio. 20 years ago, an Ohioan would never need to go far to find some live soul music goin 'down nearby. In 2010, it's a different story. Cleveland gets theirs, no question … but to see a surge of R&B […]

Jason Derulo — Album Review

It's easy enough to spot a Jason Derulo track, namely because he sings his name at the beginning of all of them. Hey, it worked for Craig David's first album and that record was off the hook, so why not give this method of blatant self-advertising a go! The American singer / songwriter / dancer […]

Relax Anxiety at the Dentist With a Weighted Blanket

Pressure on the body from a weighted blanket can relieve anxiety at the dentist office. For years, many people have enjoyed the weight from the heavy vest worn while getting x-rays at the dentist office as commonly known from a multitude of subjective accounts. Now they can get that relaxing feeling by wearing a weighted […]

Independent Artists And Internet Radio

Independent artists face significant challenges when it comes to generating attention to their work. If no one knows that you exist, they can't very well appreciate what you may have to offer. One of the ways that an artist attempts to get on the public radar is through seeking radio airplay. But obtaining radio airplay […]

Should Satellite Radio Have Erotic Type Sex Stations?

Well, you know how everyone is up in arms about people who talk on their cell phone having animated conversations while driving, or worse are busy looking down and doing text messaging while driving through school zones. As a parent that ought to really bother you, and as a commuter on the freeway on your […]

How to Relax After Work

It can be a challenge to wind down from a hard day at work. Without realizing it you can be rushing around your home as if you are still at the office and every task has to be done yesterday. You need to notice when this is happening and take some steps to relax. First […]

De-Stress and Relax at Beach Resort

A full body de-stress is possible only if you find a way to engage all your five senses into something soothing and relaxing, which you've never had in months. A beach resort is totally a perfect choice when it comes to engaging all your five senses. A beach resort has everything to offer you, a […]

Audio Books — The Big Wave of the Future

Are we losing hours in a day or are we just getting busier and having less time to do all things that we want? It has come to the point where time has become our most precious and coveted commodity, even surpassing money in many instances. How can we «get back» some of those lost […]

Bobby Valentino — The Rebirth Album Review

The Rebirth is the third studio release from R&B singer Bobby Valentino. The name refers to the creation of his record company Blu Kolla Dreams through EMI, and his departure from Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace / Def Jam label where he was the first R&B artist signed in 2003. Bobby Valentino, or Bobby V as […]

A Brief History of Goth Music

The first goth bands came from the punk scene in the late 1970s. Darker and less aggressive, with a similar, but different fashion, the goth scene took hold in England, with punk-goth bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Other extremely influential bands include Bauhahus and The Sisters of Mercy. […]

Accessories For Your Computer — Get Them Now

Having a computer nowadays is not as simple as it was ten years ago. Today, there are more computer parts and hardware that can be added on. Using a computer has also become harder. There are many applications that can be used and many computer accessories that can be utilized and needed when using a […]

Rotator Cuff Impingement — Break The Cycle Now

Rotator cuff impingement has a number of different causes. It can bring about a variety of rotator cuff damage such as a rotator cuff tendon tear. This is an explanation of the reasons why impingement occurs and what can be done about it. Impingement is the squashing of the tendons within the shoulder joint. There […]

Now Hear This

Our ship had pulled into Dego because she and the men who manned her were kind of tired. She was a small ship, just a destroyer escort. But, she had done a good job and a total overhauling was the order of the day. I was a Pharmacist Mate at the time and had charge […]

Medical Treatment For Pulsatile Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a disease that plagues many people. It causes constant pulsatile ringing in your ears and may result with you having many sleepless nights. Luckily there have been many recent scientific breakthroughs pertaining to tinnitus. Specifically they are finding home remedies are working for many people. At one time it was thought only possible […]

Nokia 808 PureView With 41mp Camera and Much More

The latest buzz doing rounds in the technology market is about Nokia 808 PureView. Even though this product has a Symbian based platform but it does offer the user with good camera quality, sound and amazing battery life. However, these are not the only reasons to purchase this product there is much more. Let us […]

Famous Saxophone Players

Saxophone were originally played in the military bands, but now they have found their place in Jazz and popular music. Let us have a glimpse on few of the famous saxophone players of the world. Charlie Parker's name appears first on the list. He was born on 29th August 1920 in Kansas. His major influence […]

How to Learn Music Properly

I love talking to students about how they learn and how they practice music. Recently I’ve talked to students from different education systems from countries in Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East, and found that students are fascinated with how learning occurs, and excited by the prospect of becoming better learners. Everyone likes learning […]

Bien Venidos a Cuba

Welcome to Cuba! Christopher Columbus discovered Republic of Cuba, a Caribbean archipelago in the year 1492 and now it's your turn to explore it. Cuba is one of the major tourist destinations of Caribbean region. It is characterized by tropical climate, excellent beaches, unique historic wealth, alluring music and the world famous Cuban cigars, which […]

Cuba Carnivals and Festivals

Cuban history plays a major part in the festivals here. Cuba doesn't have many national holidays however the country does hold some great carnivals. If you are interested in the history of Cuba there are several Cuban holidays that will be of interest to you including a celebration of birth of Jose Marti on 28th […]