Women’s Sweaters of the 1980’s Compared With Now

The most noticeable feature of women’s sweaters in the 1980’s was how BIG they were. In the main, sweaters and cardigans were long, and spacious, and ‘sloppy’. There was plenty of room to move around in them, and hide inside them too, if you felt you needed to! The 1980’s was also the era of […]

MMOGs Vs Single-Player Games: The Pros and Cons!

Video gameplay generally falls into two categories: single-player gaming and MMOGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games.) Single player gaming is the most traditional form of gaming and what most people remember during their childhood. Single player games are simply that; a game in which a single person can play through levels to completion. MMOGs, on the […]

Video Game Writing

Video game writing simply means the ability to make a story for a video game. It is similar to novel and script writing, but it has no formal format. The usual method of video game writing takes place first as a novel and/or a screenplay and then transferred into a storyboard for better clarification and […]

How to Increase Traffic Podcast Marketing

Submit to the podcast directories and you're guaranteed to generate more listings in the search engines in their own right, sometimes in minutes! Which in turn creates more quality back-links to help you obtain better organic listings for your blog which leads to an increase in traffic . If you can write an article then […]

How to Motivate Teens

One of our biggest struggles as parents has been how to motivate kids — 2 of our kids in particular. One of them is just plain lazy, the other one is a struggling teenager — problems in school, frequently depressed, and at times extremely obnoxious. You really need to have a strategy to motivate teens, […]

Select A Workout That Will Give You The Body You Want

One of the things people may not think about when selecting a type of workout is that that different types of workouts lead to different results in the physical appearance of your body. A long distance runner looks different from a swimmer, and a swimmer looks different from a boxer. I've personally experienced the difference […]

Gaming Chairs Make You a Better Gamer

So I went to London for Christmas and New Year this year and man it was cold! It snowed the whole time so my friend Billy, who I was staying with, had plenty of time to show off his gaming skills to me. We played a ton of games and he whooped me every time! […]

1980 Arcade Games — Video Domination

1980 arcade games proved that the gaming market would become huge worldwide in the years to come with no signs of stopping. This, of course, was extremely evident in the release of the highest grossing game of all time. This was also heralded the first mascot character. Pac-Man was an international phenomena that also ushered […]

Top Schools for Video Game Programming and Development

Earning a degree in game programming and development should be considered by individuals who have a passion for gaming, and learning how games are created. Courses involved in these type of degrees typically include gameplay design, 3D graphics, stereoscopic computer graphics, contemporary video game platforms, multiplayer game design, and game physics. Having a computer that […]

Top 10 Worst Rappers of All Time

Here is my list of the worst rappers to ever clutch the microphone! This really is not in any order because I really believe all of these guys have made a mockery of hip hop. There's plenty more than 10 but these guys have taken hip hop to a new low in their time in […]

The World’s Top 10 Best Jazz Guitarists of All Time

The following is a brief list that includes some of the world’s best jazz guitarists of all time. Whether you’re an aspiring jazz musician or just someone who appreciates the music, this list is for you. Charlie Christian Charles «Charlie» Christian was an American jazz guitarist who lived from 1916-1942. He is credited with bringing […]

Panasonic TX-P42G10

Panasonic TX-P42G10 is a plasma TV that gives you the chance to enjoy sharp pictures, vivid colors, multi-channel sound and a lot of interactive content. This TV gives superb full HD motion and still images. Using plasma TVs for fast moving gaming action has not always worked well in the past. It is not ideal […]

Beat Maker Software — More Than Just Beats

The majority of people do use beat maker software on their desktop or laptop just to make some great beats for mostly rap and hip-hop music, but there is so much more that you can do with it. Yes, there are a few people making drum backing tracks so that they can use them to […]

The Mysterious Moons Of Mars

Mars is a true Wonderland world that has sung its enticing Sirens’ song for centuries to those who seek to solve its many mysteries. Indeed, the two moons of Mars, named Phobos and Deimos, present some mesmerizing mysteries all their own. Where did the two moons of Mars come from? For a long time their […]

Are the Brightest Stars Near Earth Dangerous?

There are many super bright stars near Earth and in our galaxy, the Milky Way. In fact here are the 10 brightest stars in our neck of the galactic woods! 10. Betelgeuse At 430 light years away, this star is still bright in the sky, meaning that it’s super bright up close. This makes perfect […]

The History and Achievements of the Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope is famous worldwide for its amazing images of the universe. Congress in 1977 voted to fund a project to construct the Hubble. Completion of the telescope was in 1985. The Hubble was supposed to be launched a year later but was delayed because of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. The Hubble […]

Shoulder Pain? What an Orthopedic Doctor Can Do for You!

An orthopedic surgeon is a specialist using surgical and nonsurgical means to treat various forms of musculoskeletal trauma, injuries, including sports injuries, and various other diseases. Thus, for patients with various conditions involving shoulder and knee pain, an orthopedic surgeon, preferably one specializing in the shoulder, is the best hope for successfully dealing with the […]

Why Romania Is A Holiday Must This Summer

Planning a vacation? Well Romania is "the" place to be … it is the most diverse country in terms of climate, terrain, flora and fauna; snow capped mountains and a sultry coastline- you can ski on snow or on water! It is located in southeast Europe. Romania is surrounded by Ukraine to the north, Hungary […]