O canal Roger DJ precisa da sua ajuda! Se você é fã do nosso trabalho e curte esse tipo de conteúdo, seja um apoiador e nos ajude a manter esse maravilhoso projeto ativo. Qualquer ajuda será de grande importância para nós! Conheça um pouco mais sobre nós acessando nosso perfil no site com o […]

What Makes a Good Melody?

Only untalented idiots with no songwriting abilities say things like "I hate catchy melodies" and "I don't want people to sing along to my songs". But really, that's the best thing about songwriting. A crowd connecting with and perhaps even singing along to something that you made up, on the top of your head, at […]

Chord Melody Jazz Guitar — Why Is It So Hard?

Playing solo jazz guitar is incredibly enjoyable. Instead of relying on a band to back you up, you can make beautiful music all by yourself playing both the chords and melody at the same time. Plus with all the chord substitutions and reharmonizations, you will have a lifetime of fun making up your own arrangements. […]

Your Song's Melody Needs Shape to Be Memorable

If your melody dwells mostly on one note, with only a few rises and dips, do not be surprised if no oneembers it once the song is over. In order for a song melody to be memorable, it needs to have shape. The issue of boring, forgettable melodies, occurs most frequently when you start the […]

The Melody of Memory

Last night, Prince, or the artist formerly known as Prince (not sure what he goes by now) played in Toronto at the ACC. It was not a show that I wanted to go to. I have known of Prince from his beginning, but, honestly, I could not hum a song of his to save my […]