Teen Driving Education: How To Drive Defensively

Many states require teenagers under the age of 18 to go to undertake driver's education in order to qualify for a driver's license. As a teenager, you need to learn how to drive defensively. For you to be a great defensive driver you need to do the following: Stay focused Driving is a thinking task […]

Music Education — Effective Rehearsals in the Class Room

An efficient rehearsal is dependent upon a stimulating, interesting, and well-planned rehearsal with maximum use of rehearsal time. Use of rehearsal time and pacing are important factors in producing a successful rehearsal. Time management includes starting and ending the rehearsal at the appointed times. Use every second of the rehearsal time to achieve rehearsal goals. […]

Top 5 Songs About Education

The subject of school has been a big theme for pop songs since Chuck Berry goose-stepped his way through School Days (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) in 1957. However, it seems that the seventies heralded a certain golden age of school-related songs, despite it being something of a pop void to many music fans. What […]

How to Get Your Music Business Education

While there are many ways to get your music business education, some methods are more valuable than others. Here are four ways to learn what you need to learn about the business of music. The School of Hard Knocks Experience is the greatest teacher … or is it? The school of hard knocks is not […]

Education and Entertainment — The Wonders of Electronic Toys

Science makes a foray into the entertainment market with electronic toys. Numerous toys and games available on the market have entertained kids and adults alike across the world. Nowadays, using state-of-the-art technology, these toys are designed to perform some truly unimaginable feats. The most popular electronic toys available on the market would appear to be […]

Benefits of Music Education

It would be easier to deduce the benefits of music education, once you are clear about the basic qualities of music. Music Soothes Music is an ever-expanding field. What do you do when we want to relax? An immediately reply would be: listen to good music. And why? Because you tend to forget that a […]