Intermediate Teen Jazz Dance: "Burlesque" from Agoura HIlls Dance Star 2011 "Wishes"

Teen Jazz dance performance at Agoura HIlls Dance Star 2011 «Wishes». Jazz dance classes at Agoura Hills Dance are available for all ages and levels. Students perform each year at the Fred Kavli Theatre in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. «Burlesque performed by Agoura HIlls Dance Intermediate Jazz Dance Class Instructor & Choreography by […]

[Contemporary Lyrical Jazz] Before You Go -Lewis Capaldi | Dance Tutorial

===================== INSTAGRAM Studio @gnidancer Choreographer @0msrolling ===================== Since 1999 [1999년 설립] G.NI Jazz Dance is a professional contemporary dance school for making a professional dancer and entertainer. We are focused on the jazz dance, jazz funk, lyrical jazz, jazz ballet, modern jazz and K-pop dance choreography curriculum. All the regular courses of the fixed-number system […]

American Music: Reflection of the Contemporary Era

Melodious music to the ears and scenic beauty to the eyes are fair enough to set your mood on fire and give you the aesthetic pleasure you long for. Music is the expression of feelings, emotions and thoughts creatively. This genre of art has a great impact on the society and era it belongs to. […]

Guide To Contemporary Rocking Chairs

A chair is man's invention to make sitting more comfortable. One of the most popular types of chairs is the contemporary rocking chair. The rocking chair is named after its unique feature. Unlike other types of chairs, the rocking chair is capable of an automatic rocking motion. It allows the occupier to move towards and […]

Musicians Institute — College of Contemporary Music

Unlike most music schools, or the music programs at major colleges, the Musicians Institute — College of Contemporary Music gives its students a concentration in something that most schools just can not do. That thing is contemporary music, every day, all the time. There are no elective classes on other subjects, and there are no […]

Contemporary Ghanaian Performing Arts

Contemporary Ghanaian performing arts have been influenced by foreign culture, technology, and education. It is a synergy of the indigenous performing arts with the Western cultural forms of performing arts. There are three main forms of performing arts practiced by the Ghanaians today. These are music, dance, and drama. Music Ghanaian contemporary music has been […]