Intermediate Teen Jazz Dance: "Burlesque" from Agoura HIlls Dance Star 2011 "Wishes"

Teen Jazz dance performance at Agoura HIlls Dance Star 2011 «Wishes». Jazz dance classes at Agoura Hills Dance are available for all ages and levels. Students perform each year at the Fred Kavli Theatre in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. «Burlesque performed by Agoura HIlls Dance Intermediate Jazz Dance Class Instructor & Choreography by […]

ШНИВА ИЖ-ТЕХНО КРУЧЕ: Mercedes X Class 2019 5-я Серия Проекта

В пятой серии #оффроад проекта #Шнива #ИжТехно мы идем во все тяжкие! ‣ Для начала мы поменяем порванное колесо ‣ Мы устали рвать полуоси, поэтому ставим разгруженные от ИЖ-ТЕХНО ( ‣ Спереди установим усиленные привода Туризм от ИЖ-ТЕХНО ( и Стальной редуктор переднего моста ‣ После чего мы установим пары 4,3 ‣ Затем мы прокачаем […]

Yin Yoga Music. 90 minutes of Music for Yin Yoga. Piano Music Yoga Class

Yin Yoga Music. 90 minutes of Music for Yin Yoga. Piano Music Yoga Class This is a 90 minute of relaxing piano music with piano songs for yoga. A Yoga Piano Playlist with Piano Yoga Songs. THANK YOU Liza Colpa for the amazing cover: Photo taken by fantastic photographer: A Yoga Music playlist […]

Тест на знания — Классическая музыка (легко)

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Europe in Your Class B

Is Europe your dream? If you have a Class B RV in your driveway, you might be looking at the best European vacation you could have imagined. The pros of touring Europe in your RV If you have your own "little house on wheels" with you, you can avoid the expense of hotels and restaurant […]

Music Education — Effective Rehearsals in the Class Room

An efficient rehearsal is dependent upon a stimulating, interesting, and well-planned rehearsal with maximum use of rehearsal time. Use of rehearsal time and pacing are important factors in producing a successful rehearsal. Time management includes starting and ending the rehearsal at the appointed times. Use every second of the rehearsal time to achieve rehearsal goals. […]

9 Fun Speech Class Activities

Speech classes are a lot more fun when everyone gets involved with special activities! Try some of these ideas to warm up your next class: Impromptu speaking. Give students various topics for them to speak on without any preparation. The topics should be relatively easy at first, such as «What is your favorite movie and […]


Hope you guys enjoy this sniper class setup with the Locus. This class setup will help you hit clips and play objective for you team! Love you guys, drop a like, comment, and subscribe if youre new! ♛ Join The Army of Ray!: Here’s the links to the annotations for mobile users!: →Previous Video: ♛ […]

I KEEP HITTING CLIPS! (Best Sniping Class Setup/Sensitivity)

I hope you guys enjoyed all of these clips i’ve hit recently, and I also hope my class setup and settings help you guys improve in any sort of way. Make sure to tweet at me if you find any improvement. You can follow my twitter down below and don’t forget to leave the video […]

TF2 Best song on every class with NISLT frag clips

Hello guys, neGericom here, today I want to show you best tf2 songs on every each class in tf2. Enjoy. NISLT- I do not own any credits to the frag clips/Gameplay. Songs: Scout-I hurt people- Soldier-WAR!- Pyro-Mmph the way you mmph- Demoman-Good Demoman- Heavy-Heavy’s Pizza Song- Engineer-Erectin’ a River- Medic-MEDIC!- Sniper-Piece a Piss- Spy-Surprise Buttsecks- […]