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Action Now, Procrastination Later

People are always amazed at how enthralled I become when watching an excellent movie. I become oblivious to anything and everything going on around me — much like an escape artist. The really great ones are etched in my mind forever, and help me to view life with more introspection. Dead Poets Society certainly qualifies […]

Can You Hear Me Now? I Am Speaking to You!

How likely are you to talk to a stranger? Of course, it may be determined by the time of day, where you are, and how relaxed you are. But for some people it’s just not natural for them to be chatty, especially with strangers. The good news is that those who are shy talkers can […]
Free Energy For Enslaved Humanity Now?

Free Energy For Enslaved Humanity Now?

It seems a mere hundred years ago a Mr. Nikola Tesla offered the gift of free energy for all humanity and JP Morgan said no. Mr. Edison, Mr. Westinghouse and others in the know, said amen. Today's money power and those in the know are still saying no. And today Mr. Frederick W. Wells, Vice […]

How To Banish Tinnitus Easily

People working in high noise level environments are prone to a condition which is termed as tinnitus. Its symptoms are the perception of noise in the ears. The noise can be similar to ringing, hissing, drumming, whistling or high pitched voices. The problem is not unusual among the late middle and old aged patients who […]

10 Exciting Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary so you want it to be delightful and inviting. Here are 10 great ideas to inspire you to create the bedroom of your dreams. 1. Using Accents In Your Bedroom — The most delightful accent is to make generous use of decorative pillows. Pile your bed high with them using […]

5 Cool Gadgets For People Seeking Green Energy Products

We are living in the golden age of the gadgets. There are millions of gadgets currently selling in online and offline shoppingalls in almost all product categories and plus, super cool looking prototype gadgets are being introduced almost every day in gadget websites. Sometimes, these gadgets really make our life fun and easier. Sometimes, people […]

How to Properly Clean Your Bass Guitar

Lately, you've been playing to a lot of John Paul Jones and John Entwistle songs; dust, perspiration and dirt ever puts a lot of toll on you bass guitar. If you want to jam with your bass for a very long time, it's best to clean it up from time to time. The materials steel […]

How to Play Perfect Fifths on the Violin

The four strings of the violin are tuned in fifths. Thus, it is necessary for the violinist to depress two strings at once with the same finger in order to play a perfect fifth (except on open strings). However, using one finger to play two strings at once is very difficult. This is because the […]

Find Your Ways to Make Money on eBay

Why To Sell on eBay Online Everyone wants to make money, especially nowdays with the great world wide fiancial crisis we are facing. That's a given. And the internet can present some pretty lucrative possibilities. But it can also create a breeding ground for scammers. Sometimes it's tough to know what a scam is and […]

Buying Your First Guitar Online

Buying a guitar for the first time is a difficult process. If you've never done it before, it's almost certain that you will not even know where to start. But never fear! This handy guide will take you through the process so that you buy the right instrument for YOU, and at the right price. […]

Eight-Tracks, Private Jets, One Man, And the Rise of Car Audio

At the end of World War One, the car and the radio were rarely thought of together. However, as broadcasting took hold in the early 20’s, enterprising drivers began to install home radios in their cars, creating the first rudimentary car audio. Unfortunately, there was so much interference from the car’s electrical system that they […]

Chords — Rip Chords From Your Favorite Songs

Geeks are not always the most social beings. Historically they've been shuffled to the background, pushed into garbage cans, duct taped to flagpoles. It has not always been a smooth ride for glasses wearing computer obsessed aesthetically challenged nerds. I've enjoyed my role in this long and rich tradition of classism and beatings. Rain Man- […]

How Digital TV Entertains Viewers At Home?

Entertainment has been one of the reasons that a person is always happy. It feels good when you have at least one source of entertainment, but where can we find them? There are lots of sources to choose from, and you can buy it anywhere. Before we get into this topic, let's try to list […]

Hair Loss Effects — 3 Reasons Why You Must Face The Music

The effects of hair loss are traumatic and can be life-changing. No one, if given the choice, would want to lose their crowning glory. Living with baldness or thinning hair can be emotionally challenging. Discovering that you are becoming bald is very stressful for most people, especially for women. As the strands on your head […]

How To Choose The Best Dentist For Yourself

Prevention is considered as the best treatment for all dental problems. The prevention and maintenance regimen includes a couple of checksups on an annual basis that includes professional cleaning and evaluating of one's teeth and gum condition. Choosing a good dental service provider is very essential. Every day there are new procedures being introduced for […]

3 Quick Magic Tricks You Can Learn Right Now

Have you ever wanted to try some quick magic tricks to amaze your family and friends? Did you ever think learning these tricks would be too time consuming or difficult? Well, think again! Here are the instructions for some magic tricks that can get you started. Before we begin, it will be helpful to remember […]