❤ ТОП 10 лучших клипов канала WoTFan и "Студия ГРЕК" о World of Tanks Slayer WoT

Данное видео создано с разрешения канала WotFan ( и «Студия ГРЕК» ( Раскройте описание для доступа к списку клипов и таймингам. Мой ТОП 10 лучших клипов от «Студия ГРЕК» и канала WoTFan о World of Tanks: 0:08 Это T95 (Оригинал: ) 2:23 Лучшие высадки (Оригинал: ) 4:14 Глаз урагана (Оригинал: ) 7:44 Чудеса рандома (Оригинал: […]

Best Russian Music Mix 2018 — Лучшая Русская Музыка — Russische Musik 2018 #70

Best Russian Music Mix 2018 — Лучшая Русская Музыка — Russische Musik 2018 #70 ✔Приятного вам дня и прослушивания! ✔Делитесь этим видео с друзьями! ✔Также не забудьте нажать на колокольчик чтобы знат о всех новинках! Подписка на мой новый канал → ► Танцевальная Клубная Музыка в социальных сетях: • Facebook : • Twitter : ► […]

How To Play Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is often seen as cheaper, easier alternative to the electric guitar. However the acoustic guitar is more challenging to play than its electric cousin but every bit as entertaining. The acoustic guitar is often the choice of the busker and has the advantage of not needing any additional equipment to start playing. […]

Лучший клипы 2019

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BEST Twitch Clips of TFUE 2018! BEST Fortnite Player!

This compilation contains Twitch clips of Tfue, the best Fortnite player in the world, throughout the year of 2018! Please Like Comment and Share the video and help the channel grow! I will be post more compliations if this video gets some love! (IMPORTANT) I’m just uploading these videos to promote Twitch Streamers & YouTubers. […]

Seasonal Activities in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is an "Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty" in the west-central region of England — an area that mixes traditional villas and modern amenities. This area is interesting and exciting things to do all year long. It is a great vacation spot, both for British citizens and international travelers. In the spring, festivals and […]

I Want a Snip (Vasectomy) Now

Even though Vasectomy is a minor procedure, many men procrastinate for months and even years before they finally decide to get it done. Some of the reasons given by my patients in the past include: 'Fear of unknown': Since most men are unaware of what actually happens, it is hard for them to make decision. […]

How to Get an Independent Record Deal

"How can I get a record deal?" you ask yourself. You're not aiming for a deal at Island or Sony-that's quite all right, and often a great place to start. What you're looking for is an independent record deal, an indie record company that will take you under its wings and see your unique act […]

Internet Banking — Then and Now

For some years now, the internet has been simplifying the way we approach everyday tasks — whether it's shopping for gifts or even groceries, checking cinema times, or finding driving directions. But what never ceases to amaze the world is the rate at which the abilities of the internet advance. When the internet first started […]

Karaoke System: What Every Player Should Have

Karaoke is a fun way to enjoy an evening of laughs and entertainment with friends. Often times people will frown while looking at the karaoke system but once the music starts people just seem to jump in front of the line. The key to having a successful karaoke party is to have a karaoke system […]

RETRO PARTY Back to 2005 the best club music vol.1 mixed by Michael Fly

Zapraszam w 2 godzinną podróż do 2005 roku z najlepszymi kawałkami house, electro house, trance czy techno jakie królowały wtedy na polskich klubowych parkietach. Szczególne pozdrowienia dla klubowiczów z Taboo, Atlanta i Scenium Enjoy ma set mixed in 2005

The Art of MIDI Part 1 — Music To My Ears

As a professional MIDI programmer, my job is to take a song and transform it into MIDI data. In short, you are taking all the parts: the chords, the notes, the drums, the dynamics, and reproducing them. As one example, a solo performer can now play and sing along with that MIDI file and can […]