The Rock's Ultimate Workout

A look into The Rock’s workout. See what it takes to be the sexiest man alive! #TheIdesOfRock SUBSCRIBE for more!:  The Rock & Logan Paul Join Forces: Here’s What Really Happened at the 2017 Oscars: THE ROCK AROUND THE INTERNET Snapchat: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: CREDITS Executive Producers — Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Erin Lardy Executive […]

Стримы: лучшие клипы #52

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КАРМЕН — СЮИТА / Carmen — Suite

КАРМЕН — СЮИТА / Carmen — Suite Жорж Бизе — Родион Щедрин ( 1967 ) / George Bizet — Rodion Shchedrin ДЛЯ ВЫБОРА ПЕСНИ КЛИКНИТЕ НАЗВАНИЕ НА ЭКРАНЕ ИЛИ НА ВРЕМЯ НАЧАЛА В ОПИСАНИИ / CLICK to select the track titles on the screen or on START TIME IN THE DESCRIPTION — ( 19:27) Вступление […]

Музыка в машины с басами ⚠️ Новая Клубная Музыка Бас �

Музыка в машины с басами ⚠️ Новая Клубная Музыка Бас ⚠️ Лучшая электронная музыка 2019 (🔔) Включите уведомления (на мобильном телефоне), чтобы обновляться с новыми 🔥🔥 нравится, делиться, комментировать : ▽следуйте за DJ Max : ➤Soundcloud → ➤Youtube → ➤Facebook → ⚠ Пожалуйста, помогите мне достигнуть 500.000 зарегистрированных : ▽ плейлист DJ MAX : ➤ […]

The Gibson Explorer

The Gibson Explorer was launched in 1958 alongside the Flying V as part of the three-guitar Modernistic series, built to appease the critics accusing Gibson of being conservative and old-fashioned in guitar design, and to show that they could be as modern as Fender were being with their Stratocaster and Telecaster models. The three models […]

DVBBS & Borgeous — TSUNAMI (Original Mix)

DVBBS & Borgeous — TSUNAMI. Like this track? Grab your copy on iTunes or listen on Spotify/Apple Music: Subscribe to Spinnin’ TV NOW: Hype, anticipation and discussion were the order of the day when the teaser for ‘Tsunami’ appeared online. No artist ID was given so heavy discussion followed. Who produced it? Where did it […]

Stop Frustration While Practicing Music

Step away from that sheet music. No, really, step away for a moment. You don't need frustration right now. You need to learn a musical piece quickly, without encountering roadblocks. Perhaps looking at the problem (or opportunity) from a different perspective will help. For instance, what are you really trying to do? You're trying to […]

Psy Trance Goa 2019 Vol 19 Mix Master volume


Technology and Child Pornography

Technology and creativity are the two main weapons of sex offenders when it comes to child pornography these days. Law enforcement and other authorities are becoming a lot more impatient when it comes to tracking down and arresting these criminals considering that the latter have come up with various ways hiding their identities and eluding […]

Стримы: лучшие клипы #53

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5 Types of Videos to Market Your Business

«Viral.» It’s a word heard often these days, typically associated with YouTube videos that suddenly attract an obscene number of views, perhaps even launching the people in the videos into celebrity status. We all know where Justin Bieber of the screaming tween girls got his start. Christina Perri («Jar of Hearts» and «A Thousand Years») […]

Biggus Dickus — Monty Python, Life of Brian.

Just one of many brilliant scenes from the epic comedy «Life of Brian» by Monty Python. PS: Subtitles is the originals from the blu-ray. PS 2: Yes, we know about the guards! All rights belong to Monty Python.

Audio Mixing Software — How to Produce Beautiful Music

Music is an essential part of everyone's life and covering all age groups. Different genres of music have different kinds of followers across the globe. Lot of people are professionally involved in various aspects of music like making music, singing or dancing on music, producing remixes of old and evergreen music songs, etc. Any person […]


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The Best Sites to Visit in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an interesting city with tons of things to offer to eager travelers. What can you do in the Tel Aviv? You can shop until you drop in the city’s many shopping spots which include local markets, malls that host a lot of shops, and shopping streets that are lined with haute couture […]

Information on the Best Anime

There are many anime films and shows that are popular. The title of THE BEST ANIME is variable depending on the person. Each person who enjoys anime has a series or film that they think of as greater than the rest.  What makes an anime great? There are many factors. The greatest anime have intense […]

The Best Reasons to Use a Money Clip

Reasons for using a money clip to hold and organize money are about as numerous as the people who use them. It seems that everyone has their own justification for why they have chosen a money clip over more traditional wallets. This makes sense since everyone has a different set of unique personal needs and […]

BEST STREAM CLIPS of The Month pt.1

This is the best stream clips from beginning of November to December. Don’t forget to hit that like button, comment and subscribe down below and we will get you back with the next video shortly. Thanks! Editing done by: NAULANDEN

Five Top Reasons To Start Spanish Now

Starting today you can easily begin introducing Spanish to your young child with no teaching experience required or any second language knowledge necessary. Many parents sometimes wonder why I suggest Spanish over the other many languages of the world. As a mom of three bilingual children and as an educator of thousands of children I […]