Runescape — Rock Lobsters Guide — Summoning Charm Collecting & Magic Exp

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Rock Lobsters Guide


My prayers don’t match up over-head because i sometimes forgot, or made a mistake. So i edited in a bigger clearer picture at the bottom of the screen

The rune throwning axe you should equip, then use the special attack on the door support

I did not use the 100% best outfit. If you are willing to risk more, you can use prayer bonus cape, a god book, infinity boots etc
However my HP was only 70 when i started, so i didn’t want to risk too much since it’s very easy to die

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If you also make Runescape Videos, feel free to copy and paste my Disclaimer. Please give credit to Silentc0re

Songs Used:
This music was used with permission of Remy-M.
The music used in my videos is used as background music only with no intent of redistributing it.

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