Wizard Rock Twist — The Remus Lupins

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Harry and the people who support him.

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  1. why is wizard rock dead. why didn't any other musicians make new wizard rock bands? i'm so sad. i really thought it would have continued but when the originals retired- no other people stepped up and made music. /:

  2. @xxvolcomkidxx13 BTW if you think we're the losers, but yet when we say '…A)' followed by a point at least we have a 'B)' followed by a point.

  3. @xxvolcomkidxx13 Comeing from you that means nothing i bet youi have no friends, I mean if you hate us because we listen to this music then you lead a very sad life. I mean we all joined together by this and enjoy, and you want to bring us down, that is pointless and down right stupid. I think you like a 50 man who still lives with his mum, or your going to be, because the out side world hate people who discriminate!

  4. @xxvolcomkidxx13 Then why are you here? Just to put this up because that shows that you have no life if all you choose to do is go on wrock pages and put up insults. If you don't like, don't listen. Simple as that.

  5. For my latin final I couldn't remember my conjugations and I happened to be listening to this song at the time. I accidentally sang my conjugations to the tune of chorus and it stuck in my mind!!!! I aced the test (even though I did look like a freak singing under my breath during the test)!!!!!!

  6. we'll all be as cool as sirius
    and we can rock till dawn like the knight bus
    we can find some death eaters
    show them whats for'
    teach them the twist


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