Electric Guitar — My First Year — Riffs, openings, solos from famous rock songs

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This is a compilation of all the songs I have been learning in my first year playing the guitar — 2010-2011. I can play about 18 of them all the way through, albeit, some I stumble through as certain sections are simply too fast; at the moment.
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  1. ONE,,,,, I REALLY DONT THINK THIS IS A YEAR, i think ur lying your ass off. i think you are so full of fucking shit your eyes are brown. wedding ring on?? which means you have a real job. you have a family,. you DO NOT have the time to practice that much. to learn all those songs in a fucking year. you are so full of shit. if you learned all that ina year you'll be yingwie is another year and half with that progression. full of shit

  2. You never give up always play I am 59 and an AC/DC fan seen the original line up white Bon Scott and a big Rory Gallagher fan if you never heard look him up on you tube was a brill guitarist had a few pints of the black stuff in Belfast

  3. Man I was really pleased you have come that far in a year I was always a rhythm player but after a stroke I can't remember how to play the way I used to so it's you tube and back to be a beginner some bits have come back mainly acoustic like some eagles and easy 12 bar blues shuffle can remember some of lanyard skinyard
    Tuesday's gone freebird rhythm and already gone, peaceful easy feeling . Take it easy from the eagles but want to do some of my old blues licks

  4. Inspirational, find these vids great for me as a new player gives me an idea what can be realistically done on the guitar with limited time and being basically self taught …also cherry picking what i wanna learn from the played tuuuunes


  5. Ahh OK — tnx for the answer 🙂 Too bad you didnt procede 😉 … I have made a 3 year plan, for myself, and will see how far I can bring it ..

  6. did you play guitar before picking up electric guitar? i have goal to learn to play guitar this year…but if can get where you are with a little dedication i might have to go with electric

  7. i really can relate myself to you, also playing the guitar just for one year. I can play a lot of the things you play too! Cool video, keep it up!


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