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Jiffs Mixes #Jazz 127

Title: Ryan Montano — Honey Girl — Jiffs Mixes

Ryan’s music is a captivating fusion of Jazz, Soul and Latin stylings. His live performances are elegant, refined and powerful.

With solid technique, jazz sensibilities and emotive songwriting, Montaño’s sound is a captivating fusion of jazz, folk, blues and singer-songwriting never before heard from any trumpeter or instrumental artist.

#JiffsMixes #soul #funk
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  1. If Brian Culbertson played the trumpet, this is how he would sound. You know a piece is good when you think you've heard it before the first time you actually hear it. I detect a Herb Alpert influence also, and that's saying a lot. Kinda like his North on South Street: Super sexy. Ryan's bridges in this and the other tracks I've heard are great. They really give me something to look forward to, and they don't disappoint.


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