Thailand protests: More than 40 injured as clashes rock Bangkok — BBC News

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At least 41 people were left injured after clashes between protesters and police in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Protesters were attempting to reach parliament on Tuesday, where lawmakers were debating possible changes to the constitution.

They hurled smoke bombs and bags of paint at police, who retaliated with water cannon and tear-gas solution.

The proposed constitutional changes have been one of the core demands of the months-long protest movement.

Others included reforms to the monarchy and the removal of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha — a former general who seized power in a 2014 coup.

But the BBC’s Jonathan Head, who was at the scene, said many activists were worried that parliament would dismiss most of their demands — in particular, the one calling for reform of the monarchy.

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Comment (46)

  1. There are many people who support the king and want Thailand to stay as it is. I think there are many things here that we do not know. These days I cannot trust the media at all.

  2. Within a gentle reminder, after the world war ll, Thailand nation are poor and the monarchy are broke. An elder holy monk came by the palace, and conveys that he was guided by the buddha. To locate the ancestor wealth and treasure. Eventually they got it. And Thailand with love.
    Hence, Thai monarchy wealth are not from the tax payer money. Tax payer money, providing good cause to governor are digest for education, security, peace and safety nets for the community.
    Within the monarchy heritage assets:- multi-billions are funded for agricultural, reservoir, roads and industrialization. Mythically amply with neighbour country, not to elaborate.
    Consort Sineenat board my private cab, mobbing me and knocking my car door for being unreactive and non abidance. I am thankful with her motion, she awaken me. She is marvelous. Year 2020 is the beginning of werid and world natural calamity within some years to bear with. New "intend" are advise to heed due to covid-19 and major lockdown.
    Demostration and protest throughout pandemic are certainly dangerous act, open your arms to foreign threat's. Execute by belting ourselves with truthful and kindness and wiseful with endurance shall be bless.
    I knew king Maha as a quiet and noble gentleman. Surely, he isn't involved with this word "activists". Timing and wariness shall reveal. Not from scandalous gossip.
    Girls bodyguard are deploy during his qurantine.
    My humble address to governor, your highness and majesty.
    Cushioning may need for the peasant to reduce their hardship for pandemic impact.
    Your passionate are impressive.
    Consort Sineenat recommendable with this task and I am available be her participatory.
    Regards, a scholar presented from king of Thailand.

  3. I am Thai. I am the one who fight with the pro-democracy protester for reforming the monarchy. As you know from the social media or the video about him, I can everyone that he wastes a lot of money for promote his contents by using news (propaganda), traveling to Germany with his women, etc.

  4. Ya’ll gotta listen, ok, as a person who lives in Thailand, the protesters have been making fun of all members of the royal family, you guys saying u hope they win is major disrespect. The monarchy system is present for thousands of years. Nothing went wrong for that long. Just because one king messed up doesn’t mean reformation. It is also common for new kings to behave like this. He never truly learned the hard way like Rama 9. And ya’ll saying we should have democracy as our system is messed up! Look at what happens when people don’t get what they want this year. Mass protests, fire, etc. this all happened in America, simply because people wanted Donald Trump, and not Biden. Thai people do not choose reformation. For you all saying “but you’re not there since your born”, suck this because I lived here since, well, I was born, so take your opinions against me, and eat it up. I know what’s been going on. Thousands of kids died fifty years ago because an irresponsible man who ran the country(prime minister) almost changed Thailand into dictatorship. And the idea of democracy and monarchy (wutever you call it) was just there to prevent people from reforming, but it instead, if used in the wrong way, could be destructive. Supports our them if you want, I don’t care, but it has been monarchy ever since, no reason to change. Come live in Thailand, here’s a tip: Don’t fall for the scams, taxis will charge you more if you are foreign, and anything over 500 baht is expensive, unless it’s worth it you can question in the comment. Though I don’t like him, he won’t last long, just deal with it for a few years

  5. All over the world please help Thai children. The government is now forcing children to jail for unfair charges

  6. The heartless king thought of wanting to take someone as his wife. Then who would you let him receive him for what he had done? When he was the ruler of the country but did not act well at all The richest king in the world

  7. Always be aware of what empowered bureaucrats are doing. As a normal citizen from Republic of Korea, we also went through similar democratic movements as well. On the other hand, China also went through similar movement action, TianAnMen, but they didn't managed to achieve democracy. As a result, China is now goverened by a Communist Party. No such human rights in front of government, frequent privacy invasion, censorships and serveillance. If you want to achieve freedom, keep in mind that freedom is not free. Always stand up for what you believe in. Always be aware who rules you. Don't let politicians and bureaucrats look down their citizens.

    If you don't want your country to be like China or North Korea, show them your thoughts. Don't give up. Achieve what Thailand can achieve.

    I hope Thailand can become more free country with more diversities and opportunities. I am a completely unrelated person with politics in Thailand, so all I can do is pray for them and underpin their movement, but I really hope that Thai people achieve what they want.

    Thailand already very freedom just because of your making the news one side who want to know what happened in my country let go to see this link all is true BBC you no have any news to do already? Don't make a fake news about my King and my country so many BBC Thai is a news for one side people who pay money they just talk about the good things if can you must go to News another country some ok.

  9. พวกมึงสนับสนุนให้คนในประเทศกูประท้วง แต่พวกมึงไม่เคยพูดถึงพรรคการเมืองที่โกงเงินภาษีประชาชนแล้วหนีซึ่งนำมาถึงรัฐประหาร ไอ้พวกม็อบกระจอกวันๆทำลายแต่บ้านมึง สักวันพวกอังกฤษของมึงจะโดนคนอิสลามเอาคืนอย่างสาสม

  10. ความจริงคือ เจ้าหน้าที่รัฐเป็นขี้ข้าเผด็จการ ขอบคุณครับ

  11. Help our country as well from Thai people. Our country has leaders who cheat and use military powers and the police to keep the people from speaking right

  12. ช่วยประเทศเราที จากชาวไทย. ประเทศเรามีผู้นำที่โกงเลือกตั้งและใช้อำนาจทางทหารและตำรวจ ไม่ให้ประชาชนพูดเรื่องถูกต้อง

  13. The pro-democracy protesters have done everything right and is protesting in peace, whereas they are met by violence from government and pro-royalists.

  14. I’m Thai. I can tell you clearly that there’re some old-fashioned group of people who don’t accept the new change in Thailand. Furthermore, the government hires some companies and soldiers to make the information operation which makes the fake news to support the government and attack the youth. In fact, more than 70% of people can see the fact that the government has much debts that makes it by loaning.

  15. VOID TV ขอเชิญชวน นิสิต นักศึกษาที่ออกมาชูสามนิ้วแล้วถูกปฏิเสธรับเข้าทำงาน&ฝึกงานให้มาที่
    บริษัทไทยซัมมิทของนายธนาธร ทางบริษัทรอรับพวกคุณอยู่ครับ

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    2-ให้เงินเดือนเป็น 40,000 บาท เท่าที่เวทีคณะราษฎเรียกร้อง


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    6-ไม่มีกฎระเบียบ เครื่องแต่งกาย ทรงผมทั้งหมด


    8-มีฟรีwi-fiความเร็วสูงให้พนักงาน เพื่อความมันส์บนโลกออนไลน์

    9-สามารถตั้งเวที วิจารณ์ การบริหารงานของนายธนาธร กับครอบครัว และผู้บริหาร ได้ โดยไม่ถูกลงโทษ แถมอาจจะให้โบนัสพิเศษถ้าถูกใจ

    -ทั้งนี้ โรงงานไทยซัมมิทเป็นต้นแบบประชาธิปไตยที่เท่าเทียมและเสมอภาค เป็นตัวอย่างให้โรงงานอื่นนำไปปฎิบัติตาม เพื่อความเป็นอยู่ที่ดีของพนักงาน

    ลงชื่อ คณะเรี่ยราด

    ปล. น้องๆชู3นิ้วที่มีความสามารถในการสเปรย์สี จะได้รับการพิจรณาพิเศษ

  16. Whenever there is a huge conflict I have tried to be there just like the press. I could not have done it this time due to specific circumstances in the world.

  17. Hi. I’m Thai and i’m one among the protesters as a pro-democracy party. Most protesters are youth in schools and colleges. We are demanding the government to listen to our voice in order to rewrite the constitution and reform the monarchy. All proposal rejected so far. Authorities has started to attack and injure the protesters in different gatherings with water cannons, tear gas, rubber shot despite we were unarmed and peaceful. Please help and support this democratic young generation. I’m afraid something bad might happen to them.


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