New Rock Band DLC! Say Anything and Taking Back Sunday

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Throwback to your crowd-surfing glory days with this week’s DLC from Say Anything and Taking Back Sunday.

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  1. alphaville forever young add this please and all the song from rockband 3 and rockband 2 and lego rock band song and sum 41 motivation its like yall dont want my money

  2. Why not instead of adding more songs,make an update in settings so we can calibrate more than one instrument. The set up you have now sucks. Ill set it for my edrums but its way off for guitar. Why again, EACH INSTRUMENT NEEDS ITS OWN CALIBRATIONS. Would be much appreciated n I'm sure by everyone else as well

  3. I love Alive with Love and Glory. Should add "I Can Get Sexual Too. Also would love Snow Cats and Hidden Knives from AFI. And Also some More Coheed and Cambria tunes. Also i would love to have Some bloc Party songs like back in the day. Banquet and Helicopter are the Bees Knees!

  4. 40 people who downvoted this don't appreciate powerful emotional music. Happy to see these two. Next up, TBS's "Timberwolves at New Jersey" and SA's "Woe", please! Those both would make me cry with happiness. And feels.

  5. I was JUST listening to Taking Back Sunday and thought "damn, I wish this song would've been added to Rock Band". Some would it was 13 years too late, but screw that, better late than never. Thank you, Harmonix!


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