Bayley’s BIG WWE Surprise! (The Rock vs Daniel Bryan) [Wrestling News]

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Today’s wrestling news will cover Bayley’s big WWE surprise & The Rock vs Daniel Bryan

Bayley’s big WWE surprise! Bayley and Sasha have been putting in a lot of work for WWE. Bayley is already planning for her WWE future. Bayley reached out to one of Bayley’s favorite bands for permission to use their song at Wrestlemania, so this is some big wrestling news for Bayley

The Rock vs Daniel Bryan. The Rock has been in the news because of the XFL purchase, but The Rock also has been in the WWE news. Daniel Bryan challenged The Rock to a match on twitter which The Rock responded to. The Rock vs Daniel Bryan has been in the rumors. Will we see Daniel Bryan vs The Rock

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    What are your thoughts on what Bayley is Planning? What did you think of The Rock and Daniel Bryan's interaction? The Rock responded to Daniel Bryan while this video was being finished, but I did include his response to Daniel Bryan towards the end for you guys as well. Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

  2. I would love to see Dwayne Johnson and Bryan Danielson in a match. If Bayley get the best authority from a trusted source, then go for it.

  3. Why would the Rock and Daniel Bryan have a match? Like as in no lead up story to a match. I just don't really care if they wrestle each other or not.

  4. AHA WHY everybody talknig about Bayley and her Face Character, she only played it for 2-3 years
    WHAT ABOUT CENA???? he played it the entire time it so soooo boring!! but its ok for everybody right???
    also bayleys merch sold really good.
    but hey don´t missunderstand me, i really also like bayleys heel character

  5. Daniel Bryan vs The Rock is a dream match of the entire universe. I would really love to see this happen, but I really doubt it would happen, specially with what is going on right now with COVID-19. Also this match should happen at a live WM and with actual audiences. But another reason I think this won’t happen, is because how often old timer Vince like to ruin good things, matches, and talent.

  6. YES i would love too see danyell brian Fight against the Rock in a Real Match how ever people who have Video Games Have Probably Played that Scenario over & over


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