Jacob Collier feat. Jonah Nilsson — Do I Do (Live) | Montreux Jazz Festival 2017

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Jacob Collier feat. Jonah Nilsson
Live at Montreux Jazz Club

Secret Show hosted by Quincy Jones
with Jacob Collier, Jonah Nilsson, Robin Mullarkey, and James Maddren

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Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the most famous summer festivals in Europe and has existed for many years. Discover our exclusive content and live the Montreux Jazz experience.



The Montreux Jazz Festival takes place for two weeks every summer in Switzerland, drawing 250,000 music lovers to the shores of Lake Geneva. Since 1967, the Festival has celebrated all genres of music and generated countless legendary performances. Artists who have graced the stage of Montreux include Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Prince, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, Leonard Cohen, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Nina Simone and many more.

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Comment (40)

  1. I really appreciate the effort Jonah is putting in here to really emulate Stevie's vocals. You can see him really using his face to eek out that almost whining sound that just sounds so much like him.

  2. Great performance! That ending 5:08 was funny….when all else fails, let's try to smooth it over by the ol' "audience participation" ruse. Nice save! 😀

  3. 1:51 how does Jacob get away with playing the B minor there. anyone else can explain in theory why he didnt play major on the last part of that run ? ( im gonna assume he didnt fuck up, cuz its him lol)

  4. Bass player Robin Mullarkey was the only musician this evening that did a good job. James Maddren was irritating lively and Messed around. Jacob Collier and Jonah Nilsson never really showed up …

  5. Not sure if it has been mentioned here but that bassist was touring with Jacob Collier as of mid-2019. I saw him when I went to see Jacob perform last year – fantastic stuff.

  6. This guys are really cool, specially Jacob!!! But please have a tour on Valeriy Stepanov, few people knows him, I have to share this amazing and extraordinary musician and composer from Russia, he is in the same league like Jacob, Jonah, Henry, … Greets


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