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► Diynamic’s head honcho took the floor for our second Tulum broadcast playing both old classics and new unreleased demos. Full tracklist here:

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  1. ok we have been watching this set for a year now and the video and people keep changing. there have been four different versions of this set, anyone else notice that they are all actors. amazing set and top quality film making

  2. From the moment he drops his edit of Love Song, he just brings heat throughout the end of this set. Each song, just elevates from the previous! Combine the start of his set and Ibiza and the end of this one and man that’s a mixtape for the ages!

  3. the only thing that lets this down is I'd like a tad more volume, got it on full with the headphones on, its ok but could do with a bit more

  4. Every night, morning, or afternoon when you close Youtube, Solomun takes a drink from his wine glass and this set starts all over again. 24/7/365

  5. commercial music is characterized by a music that adapts to its crowd. There is no place for surprise, therefore no place for innovation.
    I prefer to adapt to the music, to discover it, to be surprised by it, to be intrigued and or/ be amused by it.

  6. After 3 years of gta v. Its only that i discoverd that solomun is a real person and not just a caractere in gta v … my whole life was a lie


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