This Family Put a 26-Foot Rock Climbing Wall in Their Living Room

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Kristen and Michael Overcash met on a rock climbing trip, so it’s only fitting that their four children learn to love ropes and carabiners as well. So they made a 26-foot climbing the focal point of their living room. Learn about the life changing event that helped motivate them to build a fun home for their 4 kids.

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  1. My husband built a free-standing climbing wall in his 3rd floor, vaulted ceiling apartment in college. Just before he moved out, the landlord discovered it and went ballistic, but as a free-standing structure that was going to be disassembled with no evidence of its existence when he moved out the next month, it was lease compliant. The landlord couldn’t do anything, but the lease changed for all subsequent tenants because of it. Parties there were legendary.


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