Top 100 Rock Songs Of All Time

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— Top 100 Bands Of All Time
— op 100 Rock Ballads Of All Time
— Top 100 Love Songs
— Top 100 Best Songs Of All Time
— Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
— Top 100 Pop Ballads
— Top 100 Disco Songs
— Top 100 Songs 2017

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Comment (41)

  1. When I started this list I thought, "oh no, another shit version of a rock and roll countdown" but goddamn I was wrong, best countdown yet, I would put some more Green Day a little higher but otherwise pretty happy. Good job

  2. This is a good list, but It's damn near impossible to pick top 100 rock songs.
    Every time anyone tries it's like: Where's all the other epic stuff?

  3. This list is a JOKE! I love Met but top 20 for Nothing is wrong. ONE should be there. MASTER should have been ahead of Alice Cooper POISON.

  4. This category should just include 60s 70s 80s rockers ONLY….90s 00s 10s that be a category of its own ??music pretty much different from 60s70s80s just my opinion.

  5. I don't think we can ever take only 100 songs and title them "Top 100 songs", there are many more masterpieces in the world of rock. Hope one day I'll make a perfect playlist.

  6. This may be a list of some of the most well known rock songs but this is NOT the list of the best rock songs. Joan Jett’s ‘I love rock n roll’ is not even the original version. Also some of the songs on this video are not very good at all. Also where is Van Halen’s ‘runnin with the devil’ and Def Leppard’s ‘Photograph’?


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