Stop Smoking Now, Avoid Physical Symptoms Of Smoking

Losing a friend or loved one to smoking is a very devastating event. The death in itself is painful, but the just the idea that the persons death was from smoking (which is a habit that the person could have helped stop) is even more devastating.

According to statistics, smoking is America’s leading cause of preventable deaths. Information on the potential deadliness of smoking is portrayed everywhere. There are hundreds of TV ads, flyers, and demonstrations done every year to raise awareness to the deadliness of smoking. It’s frankly common knowledge that cigarettes will eventually lead to death. Sadly, an estimated 440,000 Americans succumb to cigarettes on a yearly average; which means that every hour, 50 Americans will have died from cigarettes. Smoking is something many activists try to stem before it occurs. It’s so much easier to keep one from starting than it is to help somebody stop. But for those that have already started and are ready to stop smoking now, there are many ways to reach the point of quitting.

There are millions of reasons why one should never start smoking. But for those that already have, it’s even more crucial that quitting happens as soon as possible. Smoking sacrifices the health of the any and all individuals that pick up the habit. Cigarette smoke actively corrodes the lungs every time the smoke is inhaled. The smoke will actually build up a tar like substance in the lungs, which will lead to poor functioning, and then a complete breakdown of the lungs. If a bodies lungs start to breakdown, smoking has to be stopped on the spot in order to prevent future life threatening possibilities.

The first signs that smoking has started to the lungs is when the smoker develops a distinctive cough. This cough will vary from individual to individual, but the commonality between all smokers that have this cough is the horrible sound. The smoker’s cough is one of the most awful sounding cough one could ever hear come from someone they care about. It’s a deep hacking cough that develops from the lungs trying to displace buildup from the cigarette smoke. When this condition occurs, a small timer before the condition develops into something more serious starts. Lung cancer is next in line after smokers cough.

Once cancer is diagnosed, there’s no turning back. While there is still hope for the smoker to recover, chances of survival will have significantly lowered. Because once cancer develops, depending how advanced it is, chemo therapy might not be effective; which means a transplant would be required. Transplants to this day can take up to five years or more to be obtained; thus lowering the survival rate even more.

Although there are varying stages of physical breakdown for a smoker as they continue to smoke; there is always hope when they express desire to quit. Cigarettes are extremely addicting, so even if someone has had relapses before, if they’re ready to stop smoking now, encourage them to seek the treatment they need; it could save their health.

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