4 Ways To Make Money Writing Now

The single quickest way to earn an income online is to make money writing. Freelance writing before the Internet usually meant waiting several weeks or months to get paid for your work. However the Internet has burst open many doors of opportunity that make it possible to earn money with your writing as early as this week. There are several avenues you can take to begin earning a substantial income from writing. Regardless of which avenue you decide it is important to remember that quality content that provides useful information is the key to success when writing for money.

Make Money Writing For AdSense Revenue

Probably one of the easiest ways to begin earning money writing articles is to write for AdSense revenue sharing sites. You can write on subjects that you know like the back of your hand and place them on high-ranking sites such as Hub Pages or Squidoo. These sites offer a share of the AdSense revenue generated from your articles. The key to success with AdSense is to write quality articles that use good keywords. It is necessary to find the keywords advertisers are paying higher rates to Google. It takes a long time to build up to the payout threshold when you are writing for keywords paying out pennies. There are keywords and keyphrases that pay out dollars that will get you to the pay-out threshold much quicker. Writing for AdSense also means you will get paid the month after you make threshold.

Make Money Writing Product Reviews

Writing product reviews is another way to earn a decent income with your writing skills. There are content sites that offer the opportunity to earn income from Amazon and eBay. There is no better way to promote a product and get links in front of people than by writing product reviews at these content sites. Reviews are meant to give the reader an in-depth knowledge of the product so they can make a sound purchasing decision. Reviews take time to craft, especially if you do not own the product. Research is necessary to do an in-depth review and offer both the pros and cons of the product. However a well-researched, quality and informational review will make good money. Amazon does have a pay-out threshold and pays the month after you make the threshold payment. The key to making money quickly with Amazon product reviews is to pick high ticket items.

Make Money Writing For Content Sites

The quickest way to earn money writing is to write at content sites that pay up-front for articles. These sites, also known as content mills, hire thousands of writers to create content for various web properties. The pay is not the greatest, but it is enough to pay bills and bring in income while you build your work at home writing business. Some sites, like Demand Studios, pay twice a week for articles. The average pay is between $10 to $15 per article. Early on in my own writing career, I wrote for content sites and brought in $1000 per week on average. It is boring work at times, but it is immediate pay and keeps the bills paid while you find more avenues to make money writing.

Make Money Writing For Private Clients

The bulk of your money and where the more lucrative opportunities are, is with attracting private clients. Private clients are website owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers and small business owners who need web content for their Internet properties. Although there are still people who feel they can get something for nothing, most private clients know the value of well-written content and will pay accordingly. Many times you can get half the pay for projects before you even write the first word. This is where you begin to see the bulk of your income as a freelance web content writer.

Make Money Promoting Affiliate Products

The one way you hear everybody either making money or wasting time is by selling affiliate products. Affiliate marketing has made more millionaires online than any other brick and mortar business. Now I know what you’re thinking. What does affiliate marketing have to do with writing? Everything. Think about it. How do marketers promote their products? By writing articles. You can make money writing promoting your affiliate programs and continually earn off those articles.

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