How to Attract and Keep a Man? Here Are the Guidelines Every Woman Should Follow Right Now

A step in the process of attracting and keeping a man might be called catch. You can attract, but you can’t keep a man until you have the man. For this reason, let’s concern ourselves with all three steps rolled into one. Here are some tried and true things necessary for your success in this regard of attracting and keeping your catch.

Dress Provocatively

It may sound like the obvious thing to do, but some women don’t have a clue how men like to see their women. You’ll need to find that out what he wants first. Don’t go by the cliche of what most men like. He may be looking for something else entirely.

Decide What You are Willing to Do

When you’ve gotten his interest and the two of you are becoming an item, you must make the choice of the next step. How far will you go to make this man your own? No one can give you the answer. This is the key to getting his undivided affection, and much of it is based on instinct.

Know When to Give Space

When you are confident that he’s committed to you, understand that he wants to go outside of the relationship for guy things. He may never tell you how he feels, but you have to know. You need to let go some to show you trust him.

Find out What He Likes

Whether in the bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else, learn what he desires. Try to give him all the things that he could possibly want. Don’t speak to him as if you are doing him a favor. You have to give without expecting a thank you.

Never Go to Sleep without Resolving an Argument

Everyone has spats. The longer one goes on, the more it hurts those involved and the relationship. Find a resolution to whatever the problem might be. Sometimes this means apologizing even when you don’t feel completely to blame.

Stay Fit and Attractive

Don’t let yourself go because you won his attention. Men may get to looking around again if their lady friends let themselves get out of shape. You owe it to yourself to stay your best. He won’t need to look elsewhere if what he likes is right in front of him.

Learn to Go His Way

You may need to learn to appreciate some sports or other events that you never had experience with before meeting him. Showing interest will keep your man closer to you. If some of his interests are so foreign to you that you can’t bear them, you might need to reconsider your partner. Keeping a man isn’t very appealing if he’s the wrong man.

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