What Are You Motivated To Do Right Now?

Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing well.

When working on your network marketing business if you are not motivated to do a task, you need to find out what are you motivated to do right now.

Are you struggling with motivation? If you are then the reason could be that you are not doing what you want to do. If you are trying to find the motivation to do something and it is not something you really want to do then it is hard to summon up the motivation to act. You will have to look for an external motivator because if you had on internal motivator then you would not be struggling.

Most of the time when you are struggling to find motivation it is because you are in an external motivational mode. You are saying to yourself things like «If I do this then I will make money». Well that is an external motivator. If you were doing it because it was something you actually wanted to do then you would already have an internal motivation and the making money part would be secondary.

The making of money is fine but if you approach things with only the goal of making money then you are using an external motivator to get to your goal. That is very hard to do and you will inevitably struggle along the way.

On the other hand if you have an internal motivation, you actually want to do something, then the goal is much easier to accomplish. You want to do it and that coincides with what you need to do to accomplish the goal and a secondary result is you make money at it.

For example if you are working on your network marketing business and you decide that you want to generate more leads what should you do to accomplish that goal? There are numerous strategies to accomplish that goal but the one you pick will need to be one that you actually want to do. If you try to force yourself to implement a strategy that you are not internally motivated to do then you will struggle with achieving the goal.

You will need to find out why you do not want to do it. That is the key. Once you find out why you are uncomfortable then you can begin the process of getting to the point of wanting to do it.

Overcoming fears is a part of the learning curve. Once you overcome the fears of things that you do not want to do then they turn into things you do want to do. Realizing this is what changes the equation.

You will always be better off doing what you want to do rather than trying to force yourself to do something just for the sake of making money. You will be happier and you will be more successful.

So pick the things you want to do and if you do not want to do it then find out why and turn it into something you want to do.

I hope that was helpful.

Thank You for tuning in.

To Your Success,

Dean R Black

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