Male G Spot Diagram For Mega Orgasms

Guys these days are more open to finding the male g spot with diagrams and how to guides. This is because they are finding out more about their sexual and orgasmic potential. A male g spot orgasm can be much more intense than a normal ejaculation orgasm.

That Is The Prostate

The prostate gland is an exocrine gland of the male reproductive system responsible in the production of seminal fluid. It is also responsible in preventing the males from urinating while being sexually-aroused.

Where Is The Prostate

It is slightly larger than a walnut in size and is positioned just below the urinary bladder, surrounding the urethra. Its name comes from the Greek word; «prostates» literally meaning «one who stands before», «protector» or «guardian.» Women do not have prostate glands although they do have what few researchers’ consider a «prostate-like» gland called the Skene’s gland because of their similar characteristics.

Among species, the prostate gland can differ physiologically, anatomically and chemically. It can be massaged using one’s finger, or with a prostate stimulating device or through anal sex. It has also often been referred to as the male G-spot as some males have been able to orgasm through prostate stimulation. Prostate as the Male G-Spot:

The Male G Spot

The prostate has long been referred to as the male g-spot because of the following reasons: A prostate orgasm’s function and feeling is similar to a woman’s Grafenberg spot (g-spot) orgasm. According to males’ report on the sensation of prostate stimulation, the descriptions given were similar to the ones given by females with regards to their g-spots stimulation.

The prostate gland and the woman’s g-spot are one and the same, anatomically speaking. They only differentiate during fetal development, thus producing the female «g-spot» and the male «g-spot» or «p-spot» that we know of today.

Anatomically speaking also, the clitoris and penis are also derived from the same organ as well; they also differentiate during fetal development. Just like with the women, wherein they can more easily have multiple orgasms with g-spot stimulation than with a clitoral stimulation the males are also more easily able to have multiple orgasms with prostate or male g-spot stimulation rather than with a penile stimulation.    

Stimulating The Male G Spot

The most usual way of stimulating one’s prostate gland is through prostate massage or prostate milking. It is easier for some men to have a prostate massage being performed by a partner or a purchasable prostate massage device. A prostate massager is specially made for the purpose of stimulating the prostate gland.

They can also be very handy for men who are having a hard time reaching their prostate glands with their fingers or just simply not a big fan of the idea of using their own fingers for prostate massage or prostate play.

To further increase the duration and intensity of one’s orgasm, it is recommended that one practices both penile exercise and prostate play regularly. Penile exercise has been said to, intensify one’s sexual orgasm, increase one’s sexual stamina and increase one’s penile erection size, by about 42%, according to a survey conducted by on men who regularly practice penile exercise.

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