Watch People Die Inside (Rock + Metal Edition)

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#WatchPeopleDieInside with these unforgettable moments caught on tape.

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Comment (28)

  1. I just love how the hosts of the show immediately knew what just happened. The laugh of the man and the woman saying: "It's the name of the band on your shirt"

  2. That kid liked it. The dude should have bee, like "FUCKING NICE, KID!!!" They should have let him play the whole concert, and the guitarist should have enjoyed himself drinking beers and cheering.

  3. Just wanna point out the good editing job by whoever put this vid together, legit made it better and wasn't to over the top like some people do when trying to "memeify" a vid.

  4. Oh my God! ~ I have seen the last clip before but never looked at it this way. I was always looking at the kid and not the Rock Star's expression on his face! — He is like, "WTF!" (LOVE)

  5. Of course Satchel can outshred the kid, but he put on an act of "oh wow, this kid is destroying me", which is… just FUCKING COOL OF HIM TO DO lmao

  6. 3:42 looks EXACTLY what I suspect my husband looked like when he took our daughter and her friends to see 21 captains…? wait, no 21 pilots…. whatever the fuck that flavor of the week band was that she used to like.

  7. Never give your instruments to an audience member because they're either going to break it or make you look like you don't have a clue what you're doing.

  8. 0:06
    I don't care if I have strap locks on my guitars, or other types of locks — I will NEVER ever swing my guitar around like that.
    I'm sure his parents bought him a brand new one right after the show though.

    I'm sure this guitar player is thinking:
    "I should've learned how to play on an electric guitar instead… FML."
    Yes he should, that way he could've been able to play louder than a fart. 😀

    Is it just me or does it looks slightly rigged ?
    That overhead mic appeared to have been lowered by someone — and the cable wasn't even plugged into the mixing board — and two, why the hell would you use such short cables ?
    The reaction from what I assume is the father sounded absolutely genuine though.

    Just, why ?
    Granted if I had parents that would buy any guitar I pointed at then I would probably be so disrespectful to the guitar as well.
    If the guitar he's using for that is a handmade custom shop or US factory guitar then it also just shows disrespect to the builder that spent time and energy making that guitar.
    Use a cheap shitty guitar if you absolutely have to swing them around or throw them across the stage like an idiot.

    Lars, oh Lars — hvor skal jeg dog starte ? (Where do I even begin ? (Yes, I'm from Denmark.))
    Learn to read the room you idiot, and you still need to apologize globally for that atrocious snare drum sound on the St. Anger record.

    Then don't wear a fake designer t-shirt with Metallica on it then, simple as that.

    Could you be anymore emo and edge wannabe ?

    Look Yngwie, repeating Savage Animal over and over in an attempt to make that the band name is not going to work — realize everyone hate the name and that you're way out of your league.
    Also, go eat a doughnut.

    Look, even a 4 year old kid that have never seen or touched a guitar can out-shred Satchel.
    Obviously that's not true, he is what he is — a gimmicky guitar player with about 4-6 tricks up his missing sleeve.


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