Smooth Jazz

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Smooth Jazz by Michael Paulo with the Magenta Orchestra

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  1. Now this is what I call smooth jazz, and from the virtuoso of modern jazz himself, Sir Michael Paulo, who plays the most romantic I've ever listened to. He is so essential to modern jazz.

  2. Sir Michael Paulo makes you feel that he is playing just for you. This is a beautiful song for his particular saxophone. He plays so effortlessly, so romantically, and so serving of our dreamy nuances. Imagine, a breeze-filled night of his beautiful sounds, while being with someone you feel romantic about. Listening to Paulo's music says it all. No words needed.

  3. Anything by Michael Paulo is going tn be clean, romantic and makes you feel special. I am totally bewitched by this remarkable man.

  4. Wow, this music really is as bright as a morning sunshine, warm as a summer breeze, and smooth as calm night wind. a truly soulful one.

  5. @lastsamurai55 Your smooth jazz also keeps us warm all day too …I know what you mean about the cold temperatures it's cold here tonight in Okinawa..not freezing but very cold .. mahalo once again for the smooth jazz warmth!Stay warm my friend..aloha Loke

  6. @TheIslandhunnie Thanx for your comment. Where I'm living the high temp is below freezing so this smooth music keeps me warm all day long(^^)

  7. There you go pulling on my heart strings…loving it! I can only imagine what you hear all day long..Mahalo for keeping all of us in smooth jazz ! Keep it coming lastsamurai55!


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