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Jazz Pirates from the archipelago outside Gothenburg in «After the ball», originally a waltz composed in 1891, here in a swingin’ rendering in 4/4 time. Lasse Collin, clarinet, Mathias Gustavsson, guitar, Felix Collin, drums. Recorded at Asperö 121010. If you like it there is more of Jazz Pirates at YouTube or go to ‪ Sheet music in New Orleans Jambook

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  1. Thanks, Nicolas! You'll find sheet music for "After the ball" and many other nice tunes if you use the link to New Orleans Jambook in the text about the tune above.

  2. My email client must not like yours,never mind if my emails are not in your spam box, they are gone forever,lol
    Keep up these clips , they are great cheers for New Zealand.


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