How Do I Upload Video to My Blog?

So you want to put video on the web? Maybe you want to share a video of your son with your buddy from college. Maybe gramma lives hundreds of miles from her granddaughter's crib so you want to upload your video to the web for easy, anytime viewing.

Or maybe you just captured your cat in a ridiculous act and you're thinking, "I can't wait to upload this video to my blog!" But then you sigh: " How do I upload video to my blog? " You've heard how easy it is supposed to be to stream video online, but you don't have any idea where to start.

Perhaps even blogs intimidate you … but you still want to share your life with your loved ones with the ease and satisfaction only web video can provide.

I'll explain some basics and then send you off to enjoy the fruits of your own life.

First you need to have your video on your computer. I'll cover this quickly because this will largely depend on your camera. Please see your camera's manual for details. If you already know how to do this and you just want to upload video to your blog, just skip these three steps and read further below.

1. Record the video with a standard digital camera.

2. Plug your camera into your computer with the USB cord.

3. Now you can transfer the video file from your camera to your hard drive.

Now you need to convert and upload your video to a website or blog. Typically, this involves the following steps:

1. Convert the file to a format that can easily be uploaded, like SWF, using tools like Quicktime or VirtualDub.

2. Upload the video to your web host if you have a website or blog host if you have a blog.

3. Put the HTML code in your website or install the plugin for your blog to be able to stream the video online.


That isn't very easy, is it? The truth is that there is no magic explanation for making this easy. But there is an application that can make it easier to put video on the web than it is to read this article. Visit my friend's blog below and he'll provide an incredibly easy and fun solution to your needs.

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