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Possibly the most important, and the most challenging step in picking your music done right is Music Production Mixing.

Music mixing depends on EQ — short for 'Equalization' which is the most important part of all type of synthesis that adjusts a tone, the most essential element of sound.

If you imagine a Hi fi treble and bass control, they are basic of EQ controls. In a recording process, the combination of different frequencies will give a sound a distinctive tone character. When you adjust an EQ control, it means you boost and cut specific frequencies, which alters the tone.

The range of a human hearing is typically between 15Hz to 20kHz, but due to prolonged exposure to loud music the upper limit range of your hearing become closer to 15kHz. Associated to EQ this is the range of frequencies which affect your perception of sound in a subtle way. So, be careful and do not ignore them.

In music production, too much EQ makes the sound mixing of the instruments become unnatural. If you choose stereo synthesizer sounds and your vocal mixing is the center of your final song production, your should pan the stereo synthesizer instrument slightly to the right or left side.

The key of picking the right sounds for your mixing is your EARS. Listening to professional recordings can help you get a better sound mixing feeling.

To gain the latest tips about how to produce music, I found a very good and probably the best music production system the internet has ever offered. This system offers you every aspect of producing music and it contains a gigantic amount of cutting edge resources for the modern music production.

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