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Welcome. You are about to enter the secret kingdom deep inside your mind. You are entitled to rule here. From here, you can change the very substance of your existence. (WC 30)

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Please follow me as I guide you to the kingdom of your heart, a kingdom that is calling you to build a new palace, a new you, a new and happy life for yourself.

We will now begin our journey. Please relax. Wherever you discover tension in your body, take a deep breath right into the tight tissue and loosen up its structure. Feel your breath clean your tissue of all tension. As you exhale, feel your breath rinse out all tension that was clinging on to this spot. Feel your breath loosen your muscles and tissue and clean them of all tension. Exhale. Blow the tension far away and watch it dissolve. Relax.

Let me help you search your body for any excess tension. Let’s make sure you expel all stress and tension from your body. Get ready for your marvelous journey.

Search for any places that are not relaxed. Begin with your feet. Stretch your toes. Feel the texture of your feet. Tighten and relax them. Feel a deep sense of relaxation spread through your feet up to your ankles. One by one, you will relax all parts of your body. Feel how your mind follows and relaxed with your body.

Let the heavy, comforting calm spread past your ankles, up your calves and up again into your knees. Become aware of your thighs. For a moment, tense their muscles. As you exhale and relax them again feel them stretch happily to their full length. Feel the stretch, and be aware of their amazing length.

Let your legs sink even deeper into the cushions. Next, move on to your stomach muscles. Tense them gently. Now, let them expand and relax. Breathe into your stomach and watch it enter a deep state of calm that allows for happiness and kindness to seep in. Move your awareness up to your back and shoulders. Flex the muscles between your shoulder blades. Feel them pull across your back. Then, let them relax. Feel your spine sink deeper into the cushions beneath you as you relax more deeply.

Your breathing has become calm and regular. Roll up your finger tips to the middle of your palm. Make fists and clench them tightly. Relax your hands, and feel how all stress leaves your body. Laugh at it. Say good bye. Let relaxation flood your arms all the way up to your neck. Breathe in. Hold your breath for a moment and tense your neck muscles. As you breathe out, find the most comfortable position for your head and neck. Let the air circulate down your back and let your back rest as it feels completely at ease. Next, focus on your face. Breathe into all the creases worry and thought have carved into your face. Hold your breath for a moment. As you exhale, feel every wrinkle in your face stretch out into a smooth, even surface. Feel your face muscles lengthen and relax. Feel the skin on your face stretch across your features putting every cell in the right place, where it can rest and nurture its health, and brighten your day with peace and clarity. Relax.

Feel the air your skin. Feel it caress you with its smooth, silky texture. Feel the air stroking your features, transmitting calm and comfort. The air loves you. Relax into its love. Let the beauty of these relaxing waves course into your scalp and flow through every inch of skin into the utmost spiral on your head.

You are now suffused with a feeling of complete relaxation. From the top of your head to the soles of your feet, nothing can bother you. Your body is relaxed. Your mind is relaxed. Notice how your body is sinking ever deeper into the comfortable cushions of relaxation. Your breathing becomes calmer. The air flows through your nose and mouth with ease, slowly, cleansing your body inside out, inviting new, fresh air to flood in.

Feel how your breathing continues its cleansing process and relaxes you deep into your tissue as every grain of tension and dirt dissolves. Feel your breath’s nurturing care as it repairs and heals you with each inhale and each exhale in a constant cycle of rejuvenating breathing.

I will now count from one to ten. With each count, notice how you drift deeper into the expanse of calm.

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… (Count slowly deliberately).

You are now deeply relaxed. It has become easy to focus your attention. You can visualize things clearly. Your imagination has become powerful and fresh.

You are standing on a balcony. From this high look out post, majestic marble steps lead down into a beautiful garden. The garden is surrounded by strong, big trees, their branches intertwining to form an ample hedge. Nobody can peer in. The garden is completely private. Secluded and peaceful.

The lawn is juicy, soft, and green. Flowerbeds merge with the grass and reveal a multitude of adorable flowers stretching their handsome petals to greet you. You can hear the sound of water gurgling nearby. You realize that across the garden, past flowers, grass, and trees lies a waterfall, its water green and white with lively foam, flowing into a stream. Listen to the sound of the water gurgling and whispering to you. With the sound of water and the calming scenery of green stretching out in front of you, with the velvety flowers to greet you and the sound of birds in the trees you feel a deep sense of joyful calm flood your entire being. Rejoice in it. Appreciate the sound of the water, the beauty of the garden, the freshness and sweetness of the air.

When you look more closely at the stairs you discover that five marble steps lead down into the garden and a small winding path curves to the waterfall. In a moment you will walk down the steps. Start walking when you are ready. With each step you will go deeper into the expanse of calm you have entered. Deeper and deeper.

Watch your foot as you set it on the first step… feel how as it touches down, you sink deeper into relaxation. Move on to the next step. Again, as your foot touches the ground, feel yourself sink deeper into the comfortable calm you are experiencing. Move further down now to the third step and feel the great relief of entering further into the field of calm. You are deeply relaxed. As your foot reaches the fourth step, another wave of relaxation floods your body and rejuvenates it. When you reach the fifth step, you have reached a paradise of calm you never imagined possible. Feel it and appreciate it. You are now completely relaxed.

You have arrived at the bottom of the stairs. Feel the grass under your feet… Look at the path to the waterfall. Along the path, you discover a bench… Notice the color of the bench… Notice the material it is made of…

In a moment you will walk over to the bench… and sit down… When you sit down you will be surprised how comfortable it is… again you will feel deep waves of relaxation flood your body with a beautiful, refreshing sensation of calm…

When you are ready, walk over to the bench. See how beautiful the bench is, how it invites you with its shape, color, and material, its radiating calm. Sink onto the bench comfortably as it accepts your body with gentle vibrations of gratefulness. Take a deep breath. Inhale. And as you exhale, feel every muscle and nerve, feel every fiber in your body heave a sigh of relief as you sink further and deeper into the calm realm of relaxation.

(Silent for 3 seconds)… Breathe in, and feel how with the air you breathe, positive thoughts enter your mind. With the air you breathe out… negative thoughts leave… making more and more room for positive thoughts. Feel positive energy conquer every inch of your mind and body. Feel how it clears you of all darkness and fills you with light. Feel the warm, beautiful beams of the evening sun caress your face, chest and stomach as you perform this cleansing routine that brings your energy into harmony with the universe, drawing the love and favor of the evening sun and all other creatures.

As you are completely relaxed and have cleansed your body of stress and tension, as you have visited the garden of youth and bright futures, you may now drift into a rejuvenating sleep or wake up to a day of hope and love, drifting into its gentle vibes as you prepare to join it. I will now slowly begin to count down from five. Prepare to drift off into sleep or wake to a new day. Ready? 5 — 4 — 3 — 2 — 1.

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