An Experience in Relaxation and Great Sleep

Turning off of the mind is not easy when comes to relaxation and great sleep. It's hard to just relax, let alone get to sleep with so many things going through your head. This puts me in mind of an episode of Sesame Street and counting sheep. I can remember seeing these cartoon animals jumping over a wooden fence. In my mind, the "jumping sheep" symbolized releasing the cares of the day and floating off to sleep. The sheep are somewhat round and fluffy like a cloud and their bodies remind me of a soft pillow. I think the counting sheep portion is supposed to put you in a trance of deep concentration, sort of like a hypnotic drill. So your mind checks out or zones out on the sheep. I am not sure how much counting sheep helps but it has been a popular "go to" solution. It will help focus the mind on one thing which seems like a neat trick for great sleep. Perhaps that's why Serta uses sheep in their tv commercials.

Techniques for Great Sleep.

Many of us get up in the morning feeling like we need more sleep. What can we do? Well, when you relax and unwind before bed it can help you get a good nights sleep. Illnesses play a big role in how much sleep you get. If you get a common cold, then your runny nose and sore throat might keep you awake. The same goes for a stomach bug. Other factors that play a role in sleep:

1. Injuries.

2. The Toxins we take in.

3. Meds.

4. Stress.

5. to name a few.

In an effort to find some good music for my Tai Cheng Workout, I found information on beta waves and Chinese relaxation music . According to various websites including Wikipedia, brain waves are produced based on your active state. I can only assume if you listen to the most relaxing type of "wave" you will become more mentally relaxed. This is well beyond my knowledge, but I tried it and had one of the best night's sleep! The funny thing is I fell asleep so quickly that when the phone rang it felt like I was snatched out of something so pleasant. I suppose the great sleeping pillows could have played a part in my deep sleep. Generally, it's good practice to prepare for sleep by avoiding stimulants, relaxing, turning off lights and doing all of the things suggested by the medical experts out there. You could try your hand at Sleep music. It will help you tune your brain into a deep sleep. The music might bore some folks but it works. You can do your own research on brainwaves or relaxation songs and see how to get sleep by other means. You just might get a new level of bliss.

The Benefits of Relaxation and Sleep:

1. Helps keep your heart healthy.

2. Helps you focus better.

3. Helps control your body weight.

4. Helps reduce stress.

5. Helps you feel better.

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