How to Get Traffic With Internet Video Marketing

Over the last decade the internet saw a substantial increase in the number of websites and hence the need to market these sites in a more professional and efficient manner. Article marketing was the most preferred mode of promoting the sites for many webmasters. But we all know that we human beings are more visual and we don't have enough time to read through the contents of too many articles. This lead to the discovery of a new form of marketing known as the internet video marketing.

Today there are numerous networks like YouTube and other video streaming sites that let you upload and play your videos for free. The marketing videos you upload will then attract more traffic. It also helps that the top sites being promoted are getting better search engine ranking these days. Well made videos are as good as video advertisements that you put on air. These web 2.0 sharing sites have many links that connect the user to the site thus boosting your traffic.

Even though internet video marketing became very popular in 2007, many webmasters still shy away and continue with traditional methods of article marketing. If produced and marketed in a proper manner, video marketing can be the only method that will bring you success. You have to produce the footage, keeping in mind the content of your sites and also the community that it is going to serve.

Once a good looking and interesting video is produced, you can upload it in YouTube and the loads of other sites. Remember, when uploading the videos, again think of the community and link the videos that have the similar view point.

The footage that you will be using for your internet video marketing campaigns can be of two types; long and short. It is a good practice to make a shorter version for every long video. The short videos can be used for the initial phase of your marketing where you will tell the visitor all about your site in a brief period of one to two minutes. The long videos can be used in your site to explain the procedures and methods to use your site.

Some recent surveys show the complete statistics on online marketing. In the entire virtual world, video marketing grabs a whopping 53% of the search results. Unlike article marketing, the results are quite spontaneous in the case of internet video marketing. When it comes to SEO article marketing, the results will come into effect only after a few days or months. However, when you emphasize on your video marketing, you can put your footage in the specific communities related to the content of your site and observe traffic increasing from the very first day.

Depending on the viewership of your video, Google will also rank it, which will start happening within hours of uploading the contents. If you happen to get a good ranking for your video, then it will only mean more traffic from the search engines. In a few days you will see the traffic to your site increasing exponentially.

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