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Have you wondered how you can broadcast your videos on satellite TV? Want to show the world your videos? Maybe you want to broadcast your own satellite TV channel? Broadcasting your video on satellite seems like a dream that could never come true to most people. However what most people do not realize is that broadcasting on satellite is not as difficult as you might think.

So lets talk about the different aspects or broadcasting on satellite TV. One you could decide to do you own TV show or you could decide to do a full 24/7 channel. Lets focus on the TV show side of things. Most people do not realize that they can get their own show on DISH TV or DIRECTV if they know how to go about it. Most satellite operators keep a certain amount of segmented space to sell to the public. In other words they set aside channel space just to sell to companies interested in promoting their products, services or video productions. So to broadcast your video on satellite you only need to go through the proper channels in order to do so. You may have to navigate through some red tape in order to get it done.

So what does it cost? Well usually the time slots are blocked off in 30 min segments. So to broadcast your video for an hour you would need to find a time slot that has two 30 min segments available back to back or you will not have enough space for your video. Sometimes this can be difficult as some of the top time slots are taken. To get around this it would be important to plan far ahead. Many times contracts for time slots between satellite operators and broadcasters have expiration dates and the contracts are not always renewed (or renewed at a different time slot). This give you an opportunity to plan months in advance to get a time slot that is acceptable to you. You would simply ask your agent or the satellite company to give you expected opening dates over the next year.

So what can you expect to pay? Well that is a tough question because the rates depend on the time slots that are chosen. But to give you an idea for DIRECTV you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,500 USD per 30 mins. That may seem like quite a bit, but when you consider you potential audience is 20 million homes ore more (DIRECTV has 20 million subscribers) you can see that you are getting a deal. Advertising on a popular channel can cost that for just thirty seconds!

There can be a lot of pitfalls when broadcasting your video on satellite. Thankfully their is a company that can help you broadcast your TV show on satellite or start a TV station. You can visit their site at They have turn key packages to help you get started and they already have the contacts to get your video on TV!

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