A Review of Video Creation Mastery

Have you noticed more and more Internet Marketers using video recently? I sure have. There is a constant debate about the advantages of Video Marketing vs Article Marketing.

The trouble is, I know very little about making videos. When a good friend gave me his review of Video Creation Mastery, I had to check it out for myself.

Now to start off, I must admit I'm somewhat challenged technically. The idea of ​​making videos is scary to me.

My visit to Video Creation Mastery, hosted by Mark Thompson, took the fear out producing videos. I started learning quickly (remember, I said learning ).

Just to give you a quick background, Mark has been using videos in his marketing campaigns for a couple of years that I am aware of. His videos are well crafted and very instructive. He is a successful, well-respected Internet Marketer.

While doing my review of Video Creation Mastery, I noted some very unique features.

First off, Mark creates a new video every day. Each video is between five and fifteen minutes and shows how to use a different video creation program, technique, etc.

Here are just some of the subjects of the videos I watched:

  • Video 1: Introduction to Video Creation
  • Video 3: Screen Capture Video
  • Video 4: Screen Capture Editing
  • Video 6: Picture Videos
  • Video 10: Using Voiceovers
  • Video 13: Five Minute Product Reviews
  • Video 26: Editing Out Mistakes

In addition, he explains how to use specific programs such as Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker, Animoto, and many others.

Something I found interesting is that members can request a video on any video related subject. Mark will then create a video on that subject and add it to the curriculum.

Let's say you would like to know how to put a video on your Facebook page, or how to create a presentation on video marketing vs article marketing, or how to create a video featuring niche products like boots or perfume. When you put your request in, Mark will create a video showing you how he would do it.

I found Mark to be a particularly good teacher. His explanations are simple and he understands the need to simplify technical things.

Mark lives in Spain, but speaks with a British accent that is pleasant to listen to and easy to understand. I liked the idea of ​​being taught by an active day-to-day marketer, particularly since he teaches the techniques he actually uses.

Another thing I discovered as I was doing my review of Video Creation Mastery is there are no links to other products. For example, Mark teaches techniques for using Camtasia (which is an expensive product) but he has no affiliate links to the product. I don't believe you will find that on many other marketing sites and my hat is off to him.

If there is a down side to Video Creation Mastery, it is the way the site is set up. It took me an hour or two to learn how to navigate around the various lessons. Mark has placed links to the instruction videos in the right sidebar, but they are listed bottom to top, which I find a little disconcerting.

Perhaps I am dyslexic (you know the old joke about the dyslexic agnostic who isn't sure if he believes in dog); nonetheless it took me a couple of days to get comfortable finding my way around.

My only other problem was that I felt a little overwhelmed by all the material. The program opened in August, 2010, and with a new video being added every day — well, they add up. There is a lot of information to digest.

All of the videos, by the way, are hosted on the site. You cannot download them, but they are available to watch 24/7. And since you only pay a one time fee for lifetime membership, they will be there for you anytime you want.

That is another plus — most instruction sites want you to pay a monthly membership. Video Creation Mastery is a one time fee for lifetime membership which will give you continuous access to all of the training, present and future.

If you see an advantage in using more video marketing vs article marketing in your efforts to increase your sales, you might want to take a look. I was very impressed, and I hope it has shown in this review of Video Creation Mastery.

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