Nils Frahm — Montreux Jazz Festival 2015

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Full live concert from July 7th 2015 at the 49th Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland

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  1. Hi Nils. Can you say what they call the first, second, third and fourth songs you played at the Montreux Jazz festival in 2015? Thank you in advance for your answer. I regret that this performance is not available on Blu Ray or DVD. I hope these songs appear on your next albums. Best regards, Staszek. PS. We met at the Jazz nad Odrą Festival in 2016 in Wrocław before the Nonkeen concert. You signed the CDs for me.

  2. My son just recommended I listen to this, this guy is amazing. Such a pouring out of love. Should be played through speakers on the streets, help people to relax, wake up, smile, remember themselves.

  3. reminds me on Klaus Schultze sometimes. He’s got the courage to perform what he’s improvising.. Wish i‘d have that strength to play w my synthesizers before people


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