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"Stomach fat? Sacrilege! No it cannot be! I don't eat anything, then why am I getting fat?

How can I lose this fat? "Or" I don't mind a little belly bulge. In fact, my friends say that stomach pudge gels with my body. But I feel that my body has started looking ugly! "

Well, normally these types of conversations are heard about belly fat. People think or believe that food is responsible for that pudgy mid-section — if you eat more, you will get a belly and if you eat less, you will not get / get less stomach pudge.

Let me just brief you the reasons why people end up with belly fat. It can be either:

— genetic factors, or

— distribution of fat cells, or

— dietary / metabolic considerations.

Now, the question arises as you why you need to lose stomach fat? Well, the reasons are simple:

— You feel heavy.

— Moving around is difficult for you.

— The trousers / jeans don't seem to fit you anymore.

— You have difficulty in fitting in your dress.

— When you wear your tight dresses, it seems as if your body is bulging out.

— Because of this fat, your thighs are also getting affected.

— You are getting bouts of breathlessness when you walk, or climb up the stairs, or run.

— You cannot bend down properly if you have to pick up something.

— Your figure has become disfigured — what you see in the mirror is horrible.

— Even your back and the sides are like tires — thick blotches of fat.

— You have difficulty in lying down on your stomach.

It is better you try to lose stomach fat before it is too late! Get my 2 Free eBooks on weight loss now and lose that belly fast and permanently!

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