Discover the Benefits of Using Ink Cartridge Refills Now!

Ink cartridges create a lot of environmental pollution. There is a lot of energy used up to make plastic and resulting pollution. Also it takes a lot of time to decompose. Almost a thousand years are needed for plastic to decompose properly. So cartridges that are dumped off start piling up in local landfills and incinerators and cause major environmental damage. One way of controlling this is recycling. You may send back your used empty ink for recycling and at the same time you may buy recycled ones from the market. All recycled ink carry tags that indicate that they have been recycled.

The other way of reducing environmental harm caused by cartridges is to refill your inks. You can take your dry cartridge to the nearest facility to be refilled. You can also do the refilling yourself at home with recycling kits. There are different recycling kits available in the market for the different brands available. However it contains parts that wear off easily. So it cannot be refilled a great number of times. Usually you can be refilled it about three times. Laser printers use ink drums can be refilled about two times.

To refill an ink-jet ink, you can get from your nearest store a suitable refill kit. Give your dealer complete info about the printer ‘s made and model to get precisely the kit you need. Drill a hole in the cartridge with a soldering iron and fill it with the ink. It is advisable to fill only a little so that not much ink is wasted if it goes bad. After filling it, you need to seal the hole with tape.

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