Choosing The Right Music For Your Dance

Music has many beats which make it the possible to create different paces for a dance. One has to choose the tune with the correct rhythm and beat for the type and theme of dance intended.

While performing a hip-hop or a street dance, music with loud notes and varying tempo has to be chosen. Music with differing speed and tempo has to be chosen for making free-style moves in street-dances. In ballet, a soft and low pitched classical music is ideal. The contemporary dance form uses a combination of modern and classical music.

While maintaining the sound track, one can modify the same using software available and create better sound tracks. With such innovations, every dance performance can be a classic performance. Another way of using the right music to have a better overall effect is to incorporate extra actions or demonstrate feelings which will add to the dance steps. This will add more meaning to the lyrics or sounds in the musical track. Such movements should be a small part of the routine and should not let the original dance form be lost in the bargain. A prolonged dance step for a long note in the track can be made appear better by incorporating short splits or lifts instead.

The choice of track should suit the stage where it has to be performed and should have the required level of complexity in order to impress the audience.

Lastly, one should enjoy dancing on the musical track chosen since music fills in where steps can not be performed. Even the simplest track when performed well can impress an audience.

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