How To Reach Your Music Marketing Goals Guaranteed!

Music marketing can be a slippery thing. You turn up each day and make yourself busy with hundreds of different tasks and you sit back at the end of it all feeling all warm and fuzzy, safe in the knowledge that you are making progress toward your goal.

The most dedicated musicians know that you get what you pay for in terms of your music career, and the currency is hard work!

In some cases this can lead to "busy man syndrome" where the afflicted person blindly works with no plan and does not use time resources in the most effective way.

It is very easy to trick yourself into thinking that hard work is productive work and without a clear goal you can keep yourself busy for years without ever making any progress.

Now before we go any further I have to tell you that for a massive part of my life I hated goals.

Let me explain …

Say that I made a goal to sell 100,000 albums this year … that's all well and good but to be honest I really don't have any control over whether or not I achieve that goal at all.

Now I know that sounds a little bit sketchy, but before you hit the big red x and kill this post forever, what I mean is that if I was going to sell that many albums I would have to convince 100,000 people to pull out their money and hit the "buy now" button.

It does not matter how many cool bonuses, or free t-shirts I give away, it's still down to those people to make the decision which means I'm not in control. It's kind of like building music career goals on sand.

That's the reason that goals always seemed such a waste of time for me, because I could make the grandest goal and have the biggest ambitions and at the end of the day I was totally powerless over my future.

But then I saw the light …

I found that if I thought about goals in a slightly different way I could take back the rains of my musical horse and ride it all the way to success. Cheesy right?

Think of it like this ….

A goal — Is something grand that you would like to achieve but that you really don't have any power over.

A commitment — Is something that you do everyday that you think has a high likelihood to help you achieve that goal. But the great thing about the commitment is that you have total control over the process ..

For instance, let's say you want to get 500 people on your mailing list.

So if we were going to use YouTube to achieve this we could expect that 1% of the people that watch our videos would click through to our website and maybe 10% of those people will join the list.

Now we have something to go on, you would need 500,000 views on YouTube which would bring 5000 visitors to our site and 500 mailing list subscribers. (A lot but it's something to work towards.)

Are you still with me?

So if you use the YouTube hit stalking method you could expect to get maybe 10,000 hits on each video overtime which would mean your commitment might be to post up 50 videos over the course of the year or around 20 per month for three months. Which means if you commit to posting up 2 videos a day you could reach your target in 3 months and then wait for enough views to come in.

After that you could take stock and see how your plan worked out.

I hope you see that if you make a commitment to something you have total control over whether or not it happens.

Now this does not mean that you can relax because now you need to force yourself to do the commitments each day. That is just the price you have to pay for success in the music biz.

How to set goals from now on …

1. You should sit down with a piece of paper and make a list of all the goals you can think of to do with your career.

2. Go through the list and put a star next to each one that you think will have the most impact right now.

3. Pick the ONE goal that you are really committed to and that motivates you to get up early in the morning and work on it before you go to work.

4. Now make a big list of commitments you could do to help you achieve that goal. For instance if you wanted to be playing 5 gigs per week you might want to call 20 venue managers per day.

5. Pick the commitment that seems like it will be most likely to bring you close towards your goal.

6. Now choose a period of time that you will practice the commitment. I find two or three months will give you a good amount of time to see if it is working.

7. The next step is to work on your plan every workday without fail. (You should pick one day every week to relax and do nothing.)

8. At the end of the commitment period you should sit down and see how you did. Have you reached your goal or have you missed out? Look at what worked and do more of it and tweak the things that did not pan out.

Like I said before, this should be something that gets you out of bed early every morning and keeps you working until late at night.

Be honest! Does any of this sound familiar?

— You don't really want to play five gigs per week, you want to give up your job and tell your boss to fu @% off.

— You don't really want a record deal you want to be famous. (It's OK!)

— You don't want to be a millionaire you want the status and sense of achievement that comes with knowing that you have "made it" and the freedom to follow your own path in life.

Look deep inside and find that massive purpose for your goal and put it right at the top of your plan. Keep working until you find something that is so cool you would break down a metal wall to get at it.

A true purpose can increase you chance of success by 90%.

Final thoughts.

Stop beating yourself up about not achieving your goals and start making a set of commitments that have the best chance of leading you in the direction that you want to go.

A lot of people get stuck because the mountain seems so hard to clime, but if you never take the first steps your going to be the one who has to stay at base camp and make the sausages while everyone else gets all the sex, drugs and rock and roll.

There's is lots of sex, drugs and rock and roll to go around. COME AND SHARE!

Good luck,

— Chris

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