Does a Silver Money Clip Make a Good Corporate Gift?

Corporate gifts have become big business in recent times. I recently had to give a gift to a retiring colleague who I had been friends with for many years. I struggled for a long time to think what to get but eventually got him a silver money clip. For those of you who are not aware what or who gives and receives corporate gifts then you are not alone. I had never really heard of this phenomenon but as I asked around I was warned of the many pitfalls and faux pas' involved.

Corporate gifting is essentially just when you need to buy a gift for someone, usually a colleague or a counterpart at a different firm. As all these people earn a lot of money the gift has to reflect your standing. This often means spending a lot of money on a smaller item and often involves something made from a precious metal. You don't want to spend too much, as it's not your girlfriend and that would be odd, but you also don't want to spend too little and be thought of as cheap or unfriendly. So I decided on a silver money clip.

I chose a silver money clip because this seemed to fit all the criteria of giving a gift in the business world. It was expensive enough so that people knew I spent some decent money but I also managed to get it cheap enough where it did not use up my wages for the week. It is money related obviously as it is a wallet replacement, though it is not overly showy as you keep it in your pocket. Also and crucially it is small. We have all received useless large gifts which clog up the house. Only recently me and my wife received a bread maker machine. Lovely gift, but it will never get used and just takes up space.

I did consider many other options for my corporate gift experience. There are a variety of corporate 'desk toys' which can be fun but can also be very hit and miss, especially if you work in a very professional environment. Getting a small clock was another option which I seriously considered. There was one with a little golfer on it but I just thought that it may be awkward as they would have to have it on their desk even if they didn't like it.

So if you do find yourself searching out the perfect corporate gift. Be careful and thoughtful of what you are buying. A silver money clip is not always the answer but in my case, it fitted perfectly.

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