10 Crazy Distractions to Help You Stop Overeating

Do you find yourself so bored that you head straight to the fridge? By finding distractions and learning how to have fun you won't be tempted to turn to food. When you start having fun you'll find it easier to stop overeating. Check out these crazy ideas and give them a try.

So, if you find yourself so bored that you just want to sit on the couch all day, it's time to start having fun again. You can stop overeating easily if you are too busy doing fun things to stop and eat. Before you know it you will completely forget about eating and start having fun. Let's get started.

1. Find something in the house looks like a microphone. Turn on the music and sing like crazy into the microphone. If nobody's home sing as loud as you want. Dance around the room and sing as if you are a rock star. Music is nice for releasing stress and makes you feel good. It is helpful to sing aloud because it gives you a chance to drown out your problems and heal your soul.

2. Go to yard sales or a thrift store and buy yourself lots of really fun toys to take home and play with. See if you can find toys you had as a child. This could bring back some good memories and you will have fun playing with them. Who says just because you are an adult you cannot play with toys?

3. Go through the house and collect every pencil you can find and sharpen it. If you do not have enough pencils to keep you busy for very long, then take out your kid's crayons and sharpen all of them too.

4. Get your kids, turn on some loud music and just start dancing around the house. Pick them up and spin them around. Make up silly movements. Take out some pans and spoons and dance around while drumming on them. Dance through the whole house and just have fun with the kids. This is an activity that kids always remember and enjoy doing with their parents.

5. Wiggle your arms, legs, head, and body. Sway back and forth and just keep moving. Just wildly move about to get your body moving. Move your arms up and down, kick your legs like your doing karate, move your head from side to side, twist your torso from side to side and just have fun. Do some deep breathing exercises while you're moving around and you'll feel great.

6. Have everyone in the family be a super hero. Find crazy clothes from around the house and have each person design a super hero costume. Now everyone can run around the house being a super hero. Have everyone choose what special powers their super hero has. You'll have a crazy good time.

7. Spin around in circles and see how long it takes you to get too dizzy to walk. This is also an effective trick to do whenever you're thinking about eating junk food. It is really hard to eat when you are feeling dizzy and nauseous from spinning.

8. Have a humming contest with your friends. Choose a tune and start humming as loud as you can. Have each person start humming as loud as they can. If anyone laughs they are out of the game. Whoever can hum the longest without laughing, wins.

9. Women: Create some new ways to apply your makeup. You do not even have to do it seriously. Just go a little wild. You could put makeup on to look like a clown, a goof ball, a hooker or whatever you want. Come up with some new hair styles. Use lots of hair spray and rat your hair and make it stick straight up. Check out ideas online for outrageous hair styles and just have fun. Find some old out of date clothes in your closet and dress up funny. Put flowers and plaid together. It's not like anyone will see you unless you decide you want to show off your new look.

Men: Test out different ways to do your hair. Comb your hair on the other side or parted down the middle. If you do not have any hair try on some funny wigs. Grow a beard or shave it off. Grow side burns or just for the heck of it use an eyebrow pencil and draw sideburns on to see what they would look like. Trim or pluck your eyebrows. Use a moisturizer and see how radiant your skin looks. Find some wacky clothes and put them on to finish your new look.

10. Pretend you're a car. Make noises like you're starting your engine and then make noises like you're revving your motor. Imagine yourself driving around in circles in the room. Honk your horn loudly and make noises like your tires are screeching. Imagine yourself driving up the wall and across the ceiling. Use your imagination and do some extreme driving in your mind around the room.

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