Music — The Great Healer

Ancient civilizations believed that music had great power of healing. The Ancient Indian sages who created both Hindustani and Carnatic music based on Ragas, believed that each Raga had unique powers of healing, depending on the nature of illness of the listener. But whether you believe in the healing power of music or not, you would not dispute the fact that listening to soft music during times of stress, is always soothing. There is music in the sounds of nature itself. The bubbling brook, the gentle breeze, the sweet sounds of the birds, the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the insects- all has music built into it- if only one is prepared to listen to it. Lost amidst the sound and fury of modern jet-set living, the din and the noise have drowned out the true sounds of nature. Man himself has no time to sit down and enjoy music. People today are always on the move and would prefer to the thunderous, noisy, boisterous heavy metal type of music rather than listen to the soulful music of the days bygone.

Music, whether of the oriental or the occidental style, if properly composed should be enjoyed by all. Music has no barriers of language, nationality or culture. You can enjoy the wild beats of the African music, the melodious tunes of the carnatic music, the lilting rhythm of the Samba, the inspiring beats of Jazz or the Opera music that tugs at your heart.

The capacity of the human mind to listen to music, is enhanced only by listening. You have to make a habit of listening to good music. Let the nuances and technicalities of music be set aside. Let us be simple and enjoy music like an ordinary mortal. The harmonic sounds of the vocals and the accompanying instruments must spontaneously create a feeling of joy and harmony inside your heart. Then and then only music's great healing powers are revealed.

Enjoy Music and Get Healed!

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