Forget Shoe Lifts — Lose the Shoe Lifts and Grow Taller Now!

Do you really want to wear shoe lifts the rest of your life? Or would you rather want to discover how to grow taller naturally? Are you worried about how tall your child will grow up to be? Despite the fact that many aspects affect how tall you are, especially your genes, you can still grow taller now.

If you never knew this, it is possible for anyone to naturally increase their height by at least two inches (roughly five centimeters), and with more dedication, by up to 4 inches (about ten centimeters). And the tasks required are not that difficult either. The hardest part is to keep yourself motivated, excited and dedicated to completing a height growth program. If put the effort in you can lose the shoe lifts and be naturally taller.

To get started you will be focusing mainly on your bones — particularly in your back and legs. Certain parts of these bones can be lengthened easily through posture and stretching exercises, helping to increase height.

The first set of bones you should work on, are in your spine. In-between these bones (or vertebrae) are soft cartilage discs that can be lengthened to help you gain a few inches in height. Working on your back is better than relying on shoe lifts which can actually cause back problems.

Another way of growing taller is to work on improving your posture when standing or sitting. And when you go to bed, you should try lie down with your spine straight and back flat, allowing your spinal column to decompress and become longer and stronger.

Other parts of your body to focus on are your legs, specifically your shins and thighs that can be stretched out. If you were not aware of this, there are gaps between these bones. And with regular exercises of roughly 60 minutes a day for 7 days a week, you could effectively lengthen those bones relatively quickly and lose the shoe lifts forever.

Taking this advice to heart is a great start for you to grow taller naturally. Once you have the energy, enthusiasm, motivation and dedication, you could reach you ideal height within a few months and never rely on shoe lifts again.

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