Facebook Fan Page — Use These Ideas Now to Make a Better Page

Facebook is fast becoming the chosen platform for many companies and small businesses to build and grow their brand. The reason why Facebook is working out so well for them is because of its reach. If you look at how quickly Facebook has grown over the last few years you will see that most of the people on the network are fairly active. This is a good enough reason for any small or big business to get on Facebook and publicize their business. Anybody can jump onto this bandwagon and build their own Facebook fan page on which interested people can like your page or join it.

The Facebook fan page is a great place where your business can interact with customers and build a relationship. In this article we will let you in on three secrets that will ensure that your Facebook fan page succeeds.

You'll make a strong impact the more you actually speak to people at Facebook; speak as in live chat or communications. There is a discussion application, and you can also accomplish it with status updates to your fan page. Work your fanbase by showing you care; and just talk to people, ask them questions, solicit feedback or whatever works best. You will learn so much about your niche audience when you do that. You can encourage them to relax when they know they can speak freely to you about whatever is on their minds. Be sure to always exert a firm control over your fan page because it's your business and your Facebook page. You can do a lot with customer service because any unhappy customers, for whatever reason, can be dealt with in a positive manner. Always maintain a professional demeanor and be courteous and responsive.

Your Facebook page must have a proper welcome tab. A proper welcome tab creates a proper greeting between you and the visitor which goes a long way toward endearing them to you and your company. It also gives you an opportunity to pass on your call to action to them asking them to like your page and become a fan.

You can also use this tab as a place to illustrate any special deals you may be offering as incentive for becoming one of your fans. So basically have anything you like on this page that you think would be appropriate to welcome new fans.

Last but not the least; make use of the Facebook fan page Twitter app to promote your fan page. The strategy would be to get as many followers at Twitter for your fan page market, and then merely let them know about your fan page. Voila! You'll simply use the app as an auto-update tool because whenever you make a change at your fan page, an update, then the app will update your Twitter account. This is a simple and effective way to funnel in the traffic from a second source back to your fan page. We were most impressed with this particular app even though other people have made similar apps. You can put people from Twitter right on your page, and then they'll love it, become a fan, and wish they were as cool as you. Facebook is rivaling Google, yay, in the area of ​​driving targeted traffic to offers. Fan pages are a simple method to get your foot in the door at Facebook, and then you can easily branch out from there. Why do you think the large numbers of businesses are getting involved with Facebook marketing? It will take a while before you start seeing results from your page but eventually your efforts will be worth it.

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