How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back If He Moved on — Steps You Must Take Now

Seeing the man you love with another woman can feel torturous. Not only is it emotionally painful but it can make you feel physically ill as well. Just imagining him touching her and talking with her will drive you crazy. If you wished more than anything that you could turn back time and get him back in your arms and away from her, there is a way. If you want to get your ex boyfriend back if he moved on you've got to approach the situation in a very specific way and that means you need to push all your emotions, including the sadness and jealousy, to the back of your mind for now and instead focus on the steps you need to take to steal him away from her.

The first step you've got to take to get your ex boyfriend back if he moved on is to become his friend. You've got to take all the romantic undercurrents out of the equation for now. He's with someone new, and that means, for the moment, you've got to respect her and his choice to be with her. You do have to ensure that you remain a positive and supportive force in his life. You can do this by being a friend to him. Call him up occasionally to see how he is and don't ask too many questions about her. If he wants to talk about her, let him. Don't take sides if the two of them aren't getting along. If he calls you complaining about her, just listen, but don't judge.

You've also got to refrain from making negative comments about your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend. If you do this, and it's so easy to do this, you will risk losing him for good. At this point in time he has feelings for her and that means you have to respect those feelings. He will distance himself from you if he suspects that you're jealous or being childish about his new relationship. Stay positive and seem genuinely happy when you meet her. This will go a long way to getting him back once that relationship ends, and it will. The vast majority of rebound relationships don't last so stay close to him, be supportive and once it does end, you'll be the one there to pick up the pieces.

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