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00:00 Jay McShann and His Orchestra feat. Charlie Parker — Swingmatism (1941)
02:38 Benny Goodman and His Orchestra — King Porter Stomp (1935)
05:46 Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra — Swing that Music (1936)
08:38 Lionel Hampton, acc. by Ziggy Elman (tp), Toots Mondello and Buff Estes (as), Jerry Jerome and Budd Johnson (ts), Spencer Odom (p), Ernest Ashley (g), Artie Bernstein (b), Nick Fatool (dm) — Tempo & Swing (1940)
11:59 The Chocolate Dandies — I Can’t Believe That You’re Love With Me (1940)
16:15 Benny Goodman and His Orchestra — Bugle Call Rag (1936)
19:13 Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra — Rug Cutter’s Swing (1934)
22:20 Count Basie and His Orchestra — Baby Don’t Tell on Me (1939)
25:14 Billie Holiday acc. by Teddy Wilson’s Orchetsra feat.Lester Young — Back in Your Own Backyard (1938)
27:55 Bessie Smith acc. by Joe Smith (cn), Charlie Green (tb), Buster Bailey (cl), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Fletcher Henderson (p), Charlie Dixon (bj), Bob Escudero (tu) — Cake Walking Babies (1925)
31:06 Albert Ammons — Boogie Woogie Blues (1939)
34:52 Jimmy Yancey — Rollin’ the Stone (1939)
37:35 Count Basie and His Orchestra — Swingin’ the Blues (1938)
40:18 Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra — Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1929)
43:30 The Gotham Stompers — My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms (1937)
46:17 Gene Krupa’s Swing Band — I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music (1936)
49:21 Kansas City Five — Laughin’ at Life (1938)
52:27 Gene Krupa’s Swing Band — Swing Is Here (1936)
55:23 The Gotham Stompers — Did Anyone Ever Tell You? (1937)
58:24 Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra — Cocktails for Two (1938)
01:01:32 Fats Waller — Sweet Savannah Sue (1929)
01:04:35 Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra feat. Lester Young — Me, Myself and I (1937)
01:07:12 Jelly Roll Morton and His Red Hot Peppers — I’m Looking For A Little Bluebird (1930)
01:10:01 Cab Calloway and his Orchestra — Trylon Swing (1939)
01:12:50 Bud Freeman and his Summa Cum Laude Orchestra — Tia Juana (1940)
01:15:30 Woody Herman and His Orchestra — At the Woodchoppers’ Ball (1939)
01:18:46 Ella Fitzgerald acc. by Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra — A Tisket-A Tasket (1936)
01:21:24 Eddie Condon & His Windy City Seven — Love Is Just Around The Corner (1938)
01:24:29 The Kansas City Six — Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (1938)
01:27:27 Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra — The Stampede (1926)

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Comment (33)

  1. Tiempos duros para una gente dura y trabajadora como pocos, ¡cuánto debemos agradecer a nuestros abuelos! Hard times for hard and hardworking people, how much we should thank our grandparents!

  2. I feel very cool myself 🙂 Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash and I go out to hang out at night. Cool locations, smooth music and we. Nice video, thank you.

  3. The bird who roosts in my broken forced-air heater loves this music. The bird is what I call a omni-music lover. It loves all music. A bongo solo is music. It loves concertos and symphonies and all that old music, as well as music from other continents and eras. The bird's tweet is a 'single note' tweet. and it seems it can only tweet twice in a minute, as if it had to charge up for another tweet. It sounds like, "cheep". However, it can sweeten it's tweet, or make it sound flat when it disapproves of what I just did. When excited it makes a sound almost like a whistle, which happens during the excited parts of songs, and it sounds good to the ear to hear it. It knows when songs are about to end, and tweets that. You Tube will get a flat tweet for each commercial interruption. The bird listens to me typing and often knows that I'm about to start a You Tube tune, and it will let out a tweet that sounds like, " Music at last ! " before the music starts. There's more to this bird, it's just that I'm lucky to have such a smart bird messing with me. It could have been a dove or pigeon. The bird has been up there, everyday, listening to me, and the two of us listening to music for going on 8 months. I think we're nest-mates. It is obsessed on what I do in the house. I get the feeling he wants to be part of the action. It doesn't do any good to leave music playing because it wants to follow what I'm doing, and can only do it by listening. It encourages me to get up in the morning, and pays attention to me as I struggle to go to sleep at night. Sadly, the bird is intently interested in what I do in the bathroom, and it comments about it. I've gotten used to it. The bird loves this kind of music because, I think, the instruments go wild. The bird likes wild music, as well as mild stuff. We listen to music for 8 to 14 hours per day, which has broadened my musical horizons which includes big band music. I've got that to thank the bird for.


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