Ainol Novo 7 Advanced Has Not Belied The Expectations Of The Consumers

Even those who have extensive knowledge about computers will readily agree with the fact that every time the Ainol Electronics Company of China announces the launch of a tablet in the Ainol Novo series, people wait with a lot of eagerness and expectations. So is the case with the launch of the Ainol Novo 7 Advanced tablet also. This tablet that has a five-point capacitive screen has not belied the expectations of the consumers with its impressive performance. Consumers are unequivocal in appreciating the appearance and also the features of this tablet. They do not hesitate to vouch for the fact that this tablet is better than its counterparts that are manufactured by other companies. The price of the Ainol Novo 7 Advanced tablet is much less also than that of its competitive products

The operating system of this tablet is Android 2.3.4 that is considered as very efficient by computer experts. The company has ensured that the A10 processor on this gadget uses much less energy though its performance is top class. This means that the power management on this tablet is highly efficient. So, consumers acknowledge the practicability of use of this tablet. Those who are very much interested in entertainment can watch their favorite movies on this tablet comfortably because its 3D videos support its excellent performance. You have front as well as rear cameras on this gadget. These cameras help in taking high quality pictures.

The success of any gadget depends mainly on its appearance also. All the tablets on the Ainol Novo series seem to fulfill this aspect. Even in the Ainol Novo 7 Advanced tablet, the appearance lures the consumers to a great extent. The 7-inch LCD screen on this provides an excellent visual experience to the users because it is a high-density screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The company has improved the appearance of the gadget by introducing touch buttons instead of keys. Even the frequently used applications like "Menu", "Home Page", "Backspace", "Delete", etc. are touch buttons only. The company has adopted ingenuity in designing the tablet in such a manner that the back-side does not get affected by the fingerprints of the user. The speaker is at the bottom corner of the backside. The company has made it a point to test the quality of the speaker meticulously so that the sound that emanates from it is not blurred or unpleasant even when the volume is at its fullest.

The ports of the gadget are on its slim sides. Of course, you have ports for the charges as well as for the USB but additionally, you have another for the HDMI cable. The accessories that come with the tablet are USB cables, a charger for power and ear phones. Additionally, you get a remote control that operates on infrared technology. This remote control is useful for controlling the output of videos.

Since the tablet uses the Android software, you can use it conveniently as a computer and also as a mobile. Since it supports Gmail, sending mails through it is easy. For having efficient and effective video conversations, you have the front camera equipped with Wi-Fi support. Since the tablet performs highly efficiently, every consumer will find it highly useful. To put it in a nutshell, this device is a high quality tablet that comes at an affordable price.

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