Does Mike Conley Make The Utah Jazz a Real Title Contender? | FreeDawkins

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Does Mike Conley Make The Utah Jazz a Real Title Contender? | FreeDawkins
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Comment (46)

  1. I'm telling you it's all on Gobert now. If he can develop an offensive game with Conley it's over for the West. Especially if Spida makes that all star leap like they're hoping he's going to.

    But there's the fact that the jazz making it to the finals is a nightmare for the NBA so watch the refs when it comes down to it in the playoffs.

  2. I really, really, really like what Utah did this off-season, Conley is a hell of a PG and will help Mitchell immediately. If Bojan and Ingles can be effective in the PF spot on defense then this team is top 4 in the West for sure. But idk if they can beat those top tier teams 4 outta 7 times in a series. They should be dangerous tho and can upset anyone if it all comes together

  3. Utah will be exciting to watch, but i think it really comes down to how Quin manages all that awesome talent. Conley is going to love the fans in Utah. Entire seasons sold out are not uncommon.

  4. It's nice that The Suns are happy with Rubio.

    Oh gosh. That Jazz clip was painful to watch. Good thing Rubio can get that 17 million a year. Especially since it was clear that The Jazz were upgrading.

  5. Never really saw Conley play before but the jazz is my favorite team. Bogdan was a surprise but this makes me a little more hopeful.

  6. To me the Jazz are a real deal and can cause teams a bunch of problems and Conley's play will help the Jazz take the next step for a title

  7. Yes we are bojan just might make the all star team hes gonna flourish on the jazz all the open looks hes gonna get he needs to improve his D and the jazz will be 1 or 2 seed

  8. With Coach Synder working his magic, this team should have no problem gelling into a system and becoming a nightmare to play against. Never been more proud to be a Jazz fan.

  9. Mike Conley diffently made the jazz 10 times better, they finally have a pg that can make plays to set up players like Bojan and Rudy, and a man that can score the ball on his own

  10. No absolutely not Mike Conley, especially not with Bron and AD, Kawhi and PG13, Harden and Westbrook, Curry and Klay I don’t see them the West is STACKED a 31 year old that really hasn’t done anything with a young guy that is inconsistent sometimes

  11. IMO. If everyone says the Jazz are underrated and dark horse contenders. Doesn't that make them contenders. If only some people think it and talk about it. Then they are underrated and dark horses. But with everyone talking about them. I don't think they are underrated or dark horses. They are just plain contenders.

  12. They're a contender with Bojan in the mix as well. A well rounded team that uses teamwork well is better than any single superstar and most duos especially now. In that play Conley made against the Trailblazers with the 3 pointer just goes to prove that especially against Lillard and co. And a great player always shines brighter on a bad team. When you put them on a team where everybody is above par and they can use teamwork? Jazz are a for sure contender son especially with Quin Snyder at the helm

  13. His floater is absolutely nasty, the Jazz got a real one. I'm gonna miss seeing him in Beale Street Blue, but if he wins a ring with the Jazz then it's worth it!
    Edit: Conley's nickname isn't The Conductor for nothing. He's a skilled point guard who does everything well. He sees the floor and is great at finding the open man. He's also still an average to above average defender, even at 31.

  14. not watch much mike conley game maybe because his game got overshadowed by many great guards in the west, but when marc gasol still in the grizz they're sure a great playoff team and imo jazz now will be better than before and jazz and conley sure will be better when he was in grizz with marc , of course if he stay healthy, but the thing is other team in west is also make a lot of change as well… we don't really know for sure until the season start and as an nba fan the next season sure is exciting

  15. Are they still a tier behind the lakers? I'm confused were the lakers amazing the last year? I understand that LeBron and AD should take care of business and ya I would probably take LA in a series, but lets not act like they are somehow a tier above everyone else when they couldnt even make the playoffs with LeBron. The west is stacked right now and its kinda shitty that the east has 8 teams that will make the playoffs and the west will have great teams that get the shaft.

  16. i'm glad they got rid of that punk ass grayson allen who got 2 flagrants in a summer league game, if he keeps it up he'll end up playing in euro or china.

  17. By the end of the 2018-19 regular season the JAZZ were worn down by injuries and fatigue, and as a result were not able to consistently play at that next level the playoffs demand. Here's hoping that with greater depth and roll players improving their games overall, that they can make it at least to the plalyoffs' third round.

  18. Conley is an upgrade from Rubio in just about every aspect. Respect for Rubio for helping us the past few years, but Conley is a big upgrade for us.


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