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In this Guitar Chord Dictionary you will find basic chord charts that will guide you to playing in no time. A chord is the sum of 3 or more pitches played at the same time. Every chord can be played in a major, minor or 7th position. When the letter of the chord is followed by an "m" it means the chord is minor, when it is followed by a "7" the chord is dominant or seventh and when the letter is placed by itself it means the chord is major. View the explanation for basic guitar chord charts before scrolling down.

Guitar chords are formed with the same notes as any other instrument A, B, C, D, E, F, G (DO, RE MI, FA, SOL, LA SI DO). These are created in their natural position by the starting note (or root), the 5th and the octave. So for example, an A chord would include A, E and A (octave). In Rock Music the use of "Power Chords" is very common. Power Chords are formed only playing the root note and the 5th, usually played with your first and third fingers, but if your E String (6th) is tuned one step down, you would play the power chord with just your first finger. Guys like Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) use this technique abundantly, as their songs require lots of power chords and it is way more comfortable (and faster) to change positions with one finger.

Unlike reading tablatures, guitar chord charts are read with the strings in a vertical (from top to bottom) position and the frets in a horizontal (from left to right) position. Strings begin from left to right starting on the 6th and ending with the 1st; in the far right. When a number appears in the upper left-hand corner, it means that the chord should be played starting in that fret number. In this case, the top horizontal line reflects to that fret number and not the nut. The little circle placed on top of the nut indicates that an open string be played.

Go here to view the videos and basic guitar chords with the major, minor and 7th positions.

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